Deep House Music Production Tips (Part 2)

Are you looking to create the right feel and vibe for your next deep house track? In this part 2 article we will look at further production components and discuss how to get them sounding like they should.

Songwriting 101 - Fundamentals of Songwriting and Structure:
In this article we will discuss several fundamentals of quality songwriting. These basic concepts will give any new writer a jump start, as well as give more experienced writers a piece of knowledge to progress their skills.

Easy Guitar Lesson-How to Play a Judas Priest Intro:
The Judas Priest song "Breaking The Law" was released as a single from the British Steel album in 1980. This song has a simple main riff, and chorus. Nevertheless, it was one of Judas Priest's big breakthrough songs. Learn how to play this popular intro.

How to Correctly Learn a Song:
This article is to help intermediate and advanced guitar students benefit more from learning a song. It dives deep into every aspect of learning a song. This article is mainly for guitar players looking to become artists.

Guitar Lessons - Reading Tablature:
Tablature is a system of writing down music for the guitar as well as other fretted instruments. It has been around in different forms throughout the centuries and has been used for flamenco, folk and lute music. Simply put, it sets out places the where a finger should be placed to play specific notes.

Online Music Lessons - Good or Bad?:
It is no secret that with the advent of the Internet Online Education has taken on a vibrant and ever more prominent role in the world of education. For those who are isolated by geographic location or because of physical limitations online learning has proved to be a great blessing. Even for those of us who are older it is becoming increasingly difficult to remember what life was like before the internet and the cell phone. More and more people are looking at the internet as a credible tool and legitimate alternative for learning over traditional methods of education. Music Education has also benefited greatly by the exponential development of technology to aid us in the learning process. Believe it or not in spite of the wonders of technology the basics of learning haven't really changed much over the years. First, you go find a good teacher you can learn from and then you find a good support system that you can draw on for help. The Internet if used properly can be a great tool and resource to help you achieve your musical goals.

Guitar Lessons And Open Tunings:
Guitar lessons and open tuning. Tuning a guitar to suit different forms of music is a sign of a proficient guitar player. The benefit of this ability is most obvious when a guitarist sits in on an impromptu jam session where musical instruments are tuned to a different pitch for various pieces of music.
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