Discover How You Can Start Harmonizing Chord Melodies on Guitar

This is a guitar lesson that will teach the very basics of chord melodies. You will learn how simple it really is to make your own arrangements.

10 Tips for Learning Scales on Guitar:
Learning guitar scales, or learning to improvise, can seem overwhelming. Here are 10 tips to make it a pain-free process.

Music and Emotion, Acoustics, Noise, Volume, and Tempo On the Human Psyche:
Not long ago, I was at Starbucks discussing someone's recent move from Seattle, the lady in her 70s now, noted she had finally overcome her depression thanks to living in sunny Southern California for about 15 months. We got to discussing how scientific studies had shown the increasing the brain's temperature even one-degree could cure depression. We also noted how some uplifting songs were the favorites of those who felt unhappy in life. Let's talk shall we?

Head Voice Development - Harness the True Power of Your Voice:
Some people want to avoid singing in the head voice because they think the head voice is weak. Nothing is further from the truth. Done properly, the head voice can allow you to sing with incredible power, emotional intensity and greater ease than ever before. If you want to achieve the elusive "awesomeness factor" in your voice, then developing your head voice is well worth the time and effort!

Designing a Practice Schedule:
Designing a practice schedule is crucial to your growth as a musician. This article goes into depth about how to set up your schedule and how to optimize it. Bookmark this article, you will need it often.

The Correct Mindset to Learn:
Many people have poor habits that impede their ability to learn. Changing these poor habits will maximize your growth. The most important habit to fix first, is your mindset.

Beginners, Don't Fret the Fret Board:
Many Beginners struggle to learn the guitar. In fact, most quit in the first 6 months. If you want to play guitar longer than 6 months, you need to read this article now. It addresses the common issues most beginners face when they attempt to learn the guitar.
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