Demo Reel Creation - An Essential Tool for Actors

Having an actor's demo reel has become a prime factor in opening doors to industry people such as agents, managers, directors and casting directors. Article explores the creation of such a reel, its basic format, and what industry people want and don't want.

Don't Act, Don't Think, Don't Try - Do!:
Acting is doing. Although real emotion makes for compelling performances, the means to achieving real emotion according to Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Robert Lewis and Elia Kazan, is about "behaving" not emoting. There are many elements that must be put in place before truthful behavior is realized.

Thumbs Up for a High Flying Good Time at Honeymoon in Vegas on Broadway:
A creative adaptation from the 1992 movie, Honeymoon in Vegas The Broadway Musical was lively, fast-paced, funny and literally "electric." Well-written with many of the same funny lines and humorous dialog as the original film, Andrew Bergman, who wrote both the screenplay and the play, succeeds in creating a witty, funny and entertaining story.

Meisner's Approach Is the Road To Instinct:
Imagine what it would be like to remove the thought process from your daily life. Without a filter you would be blurting out the first thing that came into your head constantly. We have all known someone who fails to think before they speak, but the vast majority of us have learned over the years to do the opposite.

The Inner Juggler In You:
Juggling is more than a circus segment. It doesn't make you a clown, but it can make you money.

Kazan's Search For The Truth:
This article focuses on Elia Kazan's specific approach to working with his actors. Kazan did not audition his actors in the conventional way as you will read in the article. He was interested in establishing trust and gaining information that was essential for his work. Kazan was determined to tell stories that always depicted truth that came from the guts not the heads of the actors with whom he worked.

Will Online Tuner and Metronome Apps Kill the Market for Metronome Tuners?:
Young music students prefer the online tuner and metronome apps, and demand for the physical devices is declining. Yet there is still a steady demand for these physical devices, especially from professional musicians.
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