Some Notes On Directing

In this article I will provide my opinions on what makes for effective directing. I will point out specific tools that are necessary for the director to establish a productive relationship with actors and how those tools can lead to effective choices.

Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill: An Unforgettable Night of Billie Holiday:
Audra McDonald shines as Billie Holiday in this musical drama about the late, great, Billie Holiday. A poignant portrayal of the tragic life of Miss Lady Day, this performance inspires both laughter and tears, but above all, awe at 6-time Tony winner, Ms. McDonald.

Eight Health Benefits of Dance Class:
Exercise can consist of a variety of activities. Attending a dance class can provide enjoyable and effective benefits to your health.

Steps to Planning the Perfect Sweet 16 Party:
Sweet 16 parties are such an important part of any teenager's life. They only happen once which is why so many parents want to ensure that the day or night is one to remember.

An Idea For Supporting Yourself As A Composer:
In this article, I share how I think composers and musicians can pursue their dreams, while still making a living. Creating an arts collective or commune could be a nice way for composers and musicians to live a middle class lifestyle while having time to work. Any and all feedback welcome!

Choosing the Best Dance Studio:
When you want to provide your child with creative instruction and physical activity, there's no better option than going to a dance studio. Learn how to assess these facilities to find the best one for your youngster.

Learn to Sing and Master Your Voice in Any Style:
A lot of people may tell you that singing is a gift that you have to be born with. Nothing could be further from the truth! With the right training, you really can learn to master your voice. It doesn't have to take 20 years either. These eight tips will help you train your voice to do incredible things you may have never thought possible!
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