Relationship Between Support and Resistance and Volume

In my opinion, one of the most talked about and least understood topics in e-mini trading is the relationship between support and resistance (SAR) and volume. There are very few traders who don't plaster at least one volume indicator on their trading chart. When someone is first starting in my trading program I ask them "what do you use the volume indicator for?"

Can Money Be Made Online With Trading?:
There are countless 'get rich quick' websites online promising you a million dollars a year by pushing a button. With all the sophisticated variations that the experts use to predict the direction of the market, they still do not get more than 60% on trades in the money.

How To Day Trade For Income:
Many successful day traders maintain that the cause behind the failure of most people to become successful day traders is simply laziness and ignorance. Ignorance in the sense that they don't have a clear understanding of how the market works and laziness in the sense that they have not taken the time to learn it. This problem can be all but eliminated simply by using the services of a stock market mentor.

An Introduction to Trading and Tips for Beginners:
Introduction to Trading: The word Trading is a generally abused and misjudged term. Today trading means not clutching your stock positions past the current exchanging day; at the end of the day, not holding any position overnight. This is truly the most secure approach to do day exchanging in light of the fact that you are not presented to the potential misfortunes that can happen when stocks are shut because of news that can influence the costs of your stocks

Market Timing, Risk and Profits:
There is a correlation between market timing, risk and profits. The better you are at timing your trades, the lower your risk exposure and the higher your profit potential.

The Easiest Forex System Ever:
Trading forex comes with its inherent risks. Like any investment, or trading vehicle, forex offers a fast pace, and vast daily market movement. Couple that with the power of leverage, and you can find yourself possessing a loaded gun when it comes to placing your trades.

5 Most Profitable Triangle Patterns For Traders:
Technical traders have hundreds of different indicators and setups at their disposal. Triangle patterns are just one form of technical analysis that traders rely on but if used correctly they can be more accurate than other, more well-known indicators.

Can You Trade Range Compression? You're Leaving Money on the Table:
There are very few chart patterns in which I place a great deal of confidence, and I have found very few successful traders who rely solely on chart patterns for e-mini trading. That being said, there is a tremendous amount of literature on how to trade chart patterns and an equal number of chart pattern sceptics.
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