Does Higher Percentage Returns Really Equal Higher Risk?

This is a quick article depicting the commonly known correlation between percentage returns and risk. An investment is generally seen as higher risk if the returns are higher. But this is not always the case, especially when it comes to options trading.

How to Succeed With Day Trading:
There are many ways to earn an income without necessarily going out of the house or even dressing up. One of these methods is DAY TRADING. This is the most popular method of trading electronically and provides solid returns to individuals who take the time to learn the art and to play the game.

Understanding Forex Trading for Beginners:
The currency market is one of the largest in the world, with a turnover of over a trillion dollars a day. It involves trading currency pairs by various participants from large investment banks, insurance companies and individuals. This market is filled with persons with diverse experiences from amateur traders to topnotch traders.

How Traders Can Guarantee Success - Never Quit, Always Learn:
When people are initially drawn to the stock market, many have expectations of becoming millionaires inside of 6 months. When this doesn't happen, and they've lost much more than they've made, they lose interest and leave the market. They quit. What they don't realize is that if they put in the time to learn a proper trading strategy and stick with it, they can be very profitable. This article talks about the importance of persevering through tough times as a trader and how it will eventually lead to your success, even if you've been trading without success for many years.

Top Ten Reasons That Daytraders Fail:
Traders fail for many reasons, but few fail because of the markets or the timeframes or the indicators. Most traders fail because of their psychological approach to trading. Most new traders fail to become successful at trading for the same ten reasons. By being aware of these psychological traps, you can avoid them.

Day Trading Indicators to Watch:
Many indicators can be used on a chart, but they are practically useless if one does not have the knowledge of how to interpret them. One tip used by many investors is to keep indicators on a chart to a minimum.

Which Set-Ups Are Least Profitable in My E-Mini Trading Experience?:
It is with a certain amount of trepidation that I begin to write this particular article. However, everyone occasionally loses when e-mini trading and I am no exception. In the article prior to this one I described my very best set-ups and winning trades. This article will describe the e-mini trades I take that are, ahem, not exactly trades that you want to emulate.

How to Improve Your Analysis With Stock Charting Software:
Ever since the technological realm has witnessed immense growth in digital communication and processing, the possibilities of harnessing its power to analyses data have also grown immensely. The amount of calculations done and the volume of data involved in these analyses would have been quite difficult and extremely time consuming if done manually. This is the reason behind the rising popularity of stock charting software.
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