Drumming Practice Techniques

Practice methods for drummers to increase accuracy and power. Advantages of applying ambidexterity to drumming and improving fluidity.

Best Voice Warm Up Tips for Singers:
As a professional singer, you may have experienced moments when you feel like the control you have over your voice has disappeared. Proper voice warm ups are an essential part to decreasing the likelihood of such issues. Each singer should be aware of several warm up essentials. Here are three of the most important ones.

The Best Way to Sing and Play Guitar To Make Sure That Both of Them Sound Awesome!:
It requires a whole lot of rehearse to master techniques to sing and play the guitar at one time. Since you are operating with a particular sung word from each note played on the guitar, you really areas a result going through the corresponding piece of music played at totally different rhythms. It can take practice to master this confusing grouping, and you will find certain considerations it is important to tackle.

Study These Cool Techniques Of Chet Atkins' Style And Give Your Acoustic Playing A Makeover!:
Studying the styles of other guitar players is a great way to not only fuel your desire and creativity on the instrument, but to also massively improve your own playing skills. In today's article we are going to have a close look at some of the key aspects of the playing style of Chet Atkins. We will look at Chet's approach to fingerpicking, as well as harmonies, and how you can get these cool techniques into your own everyday playing.

Guitar Playing - The Fret Tapping Technique:
The basic technique for fret tapping is relatively easy to develop. Fret tapping is based on the hammering - on and the pulling - off of notes - both techniques have been at the heart of rock and roll guitar playing for many years. Once the basics have been mastered, fret tapping equips a guitarist to play impressively and excitingly.

Why Should We Learn Music Theory?:
A short article on why musicians should learn music theory. Music theory is the language of music; the mechanics of 'what's going on.' Although music theory isn't necessarily an essential part of performing music, it does bring a huge amount of meaning to the sounds we hear and play.

How You Can Make Your Child's Piano Learning Experience More Interesting and Meaningful:
As much as you like your child to develop a passion for playing the piano, how can you as a parent motivate your child? This article discusses some ways to help you make your child's piano learning experience more interesting and meaningful.
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