The Secret To Playing Creative and Badass Blues Guitar Double Stops

Want to become a much more creative and expressive blues guitarist? To do this, you must master the ability to play one of the most commonly used blues guitar techniques: the double stop.

Learn How To Create Awesome Sounding Solos On Your Acoustic Guitar Using Chords:
Do you struggle to sound good when soloing on your acoustic guitar? A great solo needs more than just notes. It needs a set of tools to make these notes sound great. Chords are, believe it or not, one such tool. Read this article to learn exactly how to make your acoustic guitar solos sound great through the use of chords.

How to Write Great Emotional Songs Without Hurting Yourself:
Do you find yourself constantly trying to find ways to hurt yourself to gain inspiration for new songs? Let me liberate you from this necessity. By reading this article you will gain the knowledge that so many others have used to write GREAT creative music.

Ideas to Get Started Playing a Guitar:
When most people first pick up an electric guitar, they are usually hesitant and wonder what to do next. At this point it is a good idea to learn and master some basic chords. A chord is actually made up of several related notes from a scale, and then played at the same time to create a particular sound. The first chords you should study are best known as open chords. These chords are some of the simpler chords to handle and will work with some open strings.

Vocal Training, 2 Steps To Improved Singing:
Singing skills don't happen quickly but there are ways of speeding up the progress. This general lesson about vocal training online gives some references to starting out as a vocalist and what you'll want to learn as a beginner singer.

How to Develop Speed on Guitar:
I'm not really into playing fast for the sake of it or the 'extreme sports' side of guitar playing but I have noticed a few things over the years about fast playing. So here's my take on the four elements of speed.

Songwriters - Secrets To Avoid Writer's Block Exposed:
If you're a songwriter, staying creative is crucial to your success. This article offers tips and tricks on staying creative. Here you will discover simple workshops to help you move past writer's block and keep you creating!
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