Electric Cars Are Going To Rule The Road

As the global supply of fossil fuel continues to be depleted and prices rise to record levels, research and development of electric power vehicles increases. Eventually, electric cars are going to rule the roads.

Mercedes SLS - Electric Supercar:
Mercedes have been producing high performance cars for many years, providing highly exhilarating performance cars. Mercedes being an innovative brand have ventured into the electric platform with the help of Tesla. The new version of the Mercedes SLS is an electric vehicle, can an electric supercar work?

Ethanol Can Be Our Gas:
Did you know that the first automobiles operated on alcohol? They used ethyl alcohol, known as ethanol. Henry Ford's view was that alcohol could fuel all automobiles, but John Rockefeller funded a movement to ban all uses of alcohol under the Volstead Act in 1919.

Five Things To Expect From an Electric Car Charging Station:
If you are considering buying an electric vehicle, you need to know what to expect at an electric car charging station. We explore time, money, and other factors involved.

How Used Cars Can Be Greener Than Hybrids:
While many people think hybrids are the way to go, new studies show that buying used is often the greener choice. Here are a few reasons why.

Biodiesel and Sunflower Oil: What Do They Have In Common?:
I'm sure during some conversation with your peers; you've had a discussion about biodiesel and what it is. You've probably also wondered what it is made of and how it is produced. And, if you really can use it in the car that you drive?

A History of Hybrid Cars:
Hybrid cars have been around since the late 20th century. As gas prices get higher, more and more people are choosing to buy hybrid vehicles.

US Government Commits to $2 Billion Transportation Research Programme:
Over the last few days there has been intense speculation that the US government would reduce or even cancel the successful electric vehicle financial initiative program. This, together with the direct investment made available by the government for electric vehicle manufacturers, has had a major impact on the US electric vehicle market even if it is still just a fraction of the traditional market at the moment. However, it seems that the US government is looking to commit around $2 billion towards transportation research to reduce the country's dependence upon petroleum.
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