Green Energy: Water Powered Cars

The thought of water as a source of power is an important consideration as we look into viable alternatives to fossil fuel and the obvious limitations associated with it. Even though we are using electricity; this article is a reminder of the possible choice of water as a source of automobile power.

Protect Your Surroundings With Zero Emission Electric Cars:
Electric Car is a means of transportation that runs using one or more electric motor employing electrical energy amassed in energy storage devices or batteries. It presents you with smooth and powerful acceleration by providing immediate torque.

Save Fuel With Three Advanced Technologies:
Discover three strategies to conserve fuel and improve vehicle performance. This article depicts how a modern motor oil supplement can save fuel and protect a vehicle engine completely. The products described will pay for themselves in fuel economy, are easily retrofit and will reduce emissions.

Alternative Fuel Efficient Cars:
You have probably heard "fuel efficient cars" about a thousand times already, but these cars really are great for the environment and for your wallet. Yes, they are expensive at first, but eventually they will pay off with the lack of gas bills that you will have to pay. They also emit much less pollutants than diesel engines do, so you will be helping your environment by investing in one. If many more people start buying alternative fuel efficient cars, such as hybrids, then the atmosphere of the world will eventually heal and we will no longer have to worry about global warming or destroying the Earth.

Imagine the Future of Autonomous Transportation - Robotic Taxis, Self-Driving Uber Cars:
Have you ever considered how fun it is to just go out for a drive? In my younger days, I did just that, drove sports cars and motorcycles through canyons, and went on road-trips just for the hell of it. Today, the fuel costs and time constraints, traffic and all those traffic rules take all the fun out of it. In the future us real drivers might be a thing of the past, rather we will all be required to be driven everywhere or flown everywhere (in flying cars) by a robotic systems, in an autonomous car. In fact, we may not own a car at all, rather we will summons a car (flying car) when we have the need to travel. Let's talk, because there are folks busy planning this future as we speak.

Electric Vehicle Connectors:
Electric cars run on renewable energy, not gas, so it's no surprise that they're increasing in popularity every year. With the help of electric vehicle connectors, these environmentally-conscious cars have a long future ahead of them.

2012 Chevrolet Volt 18 Month Review:
I have driven my Chevrolet Volt for over 18 months and 25,000 miles. This is a brief review of this futuristic vehicle.

How a Turbo Wastegate Works:
The Basics of How a Turbo Wastegate Works - If you want to understand which boost controller might be right for you, a basic understanding of the turbo system is in order. The turbo is essentially a supercharger, driven by exhaust gas. The function of any supercharger is to force more air into the system than the engine could draw in from its own pumping action.
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