Yah, Well Where Are You Going to Put All Those Old Batteries I Ask?

It's not that I don't like the idea of electric cars, it does sound nice and having owned a golf cart in a town which allowed folks to drive them on the street, I enjoyed traveling down to the local Starbucks or grocery store on occasion. Still, something which has always bothered me, and something we often talk about in our think tank is what do you do with all the old batteries from all of the electric cars that people will be buying. That is if electric cars ever catch on, and there have been several false starts in decades past.

Electric Cars Have Been Around for Over 200 Years:
Despite the fact that many people automatically assume that electric cars are new phenomenon, a quick glimpse at the history of electric vehicles was sure that they have been around for over 200 years. Yes, despite the fact that the electric vehicle is struggling to make it towards the mass market at this moment in time, it has in theory had over 200 years to try!

Surrey BC Is Ahead Of The Game By Installing Electric Car Charging Stations:
Surrey is the first city in BC to have two fast charging stations, one at the surrey museum and one at Powertech - a subsidiary of BC Hydro. Surrey also requires gas stations to provide an alternative fuel service in all new gas stations being built. We need more participation in alternative fuel innovation. My flex fuel car is not cutting it. Our oil addiction is not cutting it. I believe that Surrey is on the right track with all the improvements to Centre City and their move towards alternative fuel services. It's no wonder they are the #1 Real Estate Investment Community.

Does China Hold the Key to the Electric Vehicle Market?:
While US automotive giants and their more traditional Far Eastern counterparts continue to grab the headlines, with regards to electric vehicles, it seems the Chinese government is behind a major push across the country. There is growing optimism within China that electric vehicles will become commonplace across the world and as such hundreds of millions of dollars have been released by the Chinese authorities to encourage momentum in this market.

Audi Adds Hybrid Goodness To The 2013 Audi Q5 Model:
Audi's Q5 series was a huge success from the very beginning when it was first launched in 2009. Now, the 2013 continues to create a great stir and excitement amongst car enthusiasts and Audi-lovers, largely due to the use of hybrid technology which has enhanced the performance of the conventional Audi Q5.

Gains in Diesel Efficiency Ease Fuel Cost Concerns:
The latest improvements in diesel efficiency and emissions have made the diesel passenger car a true competitor to the hybrid. Automakers are now racing to produce diesel passenger vehicles as CAFE standards put pressure on them to raise fuel economy.

What You Should Know About Alternative Fuel and Biodiesel Testing:
Biodiesel testing equipment is easy to use. Testing should be done whenever using alternative fuels.

Demand For Electric Vehicle Chargers Is Rising:
It is predicted that more than 15 rechargeable cars will debut in the U.S. market over the next few years. This increase is certain to cause a demand for more public stations with electric vehicle chargers.
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