The Many Benefits of Owning a Hybrid

Most people have specific reasons for owning a hybrid vehicle. Whether it is to follow a trend, go green, or find some relief at the gas pump, hybrid owners enjoy a multitude of benefits once they get through the initial investment. The cost of a hybrid vehicle today is much more competitively priced with regular vehicles. While they may be a little more, the prices have certainly come down over the past few years. With this being said, the cost of the vehicle itself is justified by most hybrid owners.

The Tesla Model S Is the Best Car I've Driven This Year:
2013 is quickly drawing to a close and it's everybody's favorite time of year to do a "best of" segment for their favorite news stories, products, celebrity gossip, etc. The automotive world is no different, as every year significant vehicles make their mark on the landscape. For me, the best vehicle I drove this year was the Tesla Model S.

How To Get Great Fuel Economy Out Of Used Cars:
Is it possible for used cars to get great gas mileage? With low prices at the pump, money saved can be used to fund vehicle maintenance for even more savings. A properly tuned engine can be key to keeping money in your wallet over the long-term. Checking air pressure and gas cap are sure-fire ways to remedy gas-guzzling and are easily done by the most inexperienced car owners. Changing driving habits also add fuel economy to a driver's daily route. Carpooling and avoiding lead-foot syndrome are good places to begin. Don't let the fear of poor fuel economy steer you away from purchasing a previously-owned vehicle.

How to Become a Multi Millionaire - Part 6:
I'll bet most of you reading this article wish that you had bought Microsoft or Apple stock when they were fledgling companies. A lot of those that did, became very wealthy. The question now is -- what is today's fledgling company that will become the next Microsoft or Apple?

Is Biodiesel Fuel Part of Our Future?:
With our depleting oil resources becoming more of a reality due to our heavy consumption of fuel in our vehicles and the growing number of vehicles in the world, we are searching for other methods of refuelling our cars. There are different energy sources that are being researched such as the use of electricity to replace fuel in our cars and biodiesel which is made of used sunflower oil.

The Role of FGS-Double Wall Pipe in Meeting International Maritime Air Pollution Standards:
The International Maritime Organization first created the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) in 1973. Since its introduction a number of modifications, improvements, and enhancements have been implemented. This has resulted in a variety of new technologies being implemented across all types of ships. One such technology is the FGS (Fuel Gas System) - double wall pipe.

5 Instances Where You Need a Golf Car(t):
They're a necessity for a day on the greens, especially if the distance between holes is more of a trek than a stroll. However, golf carts might be critical for many other areas of your life. They're lightweight, mobile, energy-efficient, and can drive on terrain that full-sized cars just can't - like the winding sidewalks of your sprawling vacation home. Consider the following uses for the not so traditional golf car.

About the Opel Ampera:
What the Opel Ampera offers to European buyers. An extended range hybrid based on the ground breaking Chevrolet Volt.
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