Used Car Dealers Help You Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Comparing the relative environmental impacts of a pre-owned model and a new electric vehicle offers some interesting insights. You may run out to find used car dealers once you see which vehicle wins the contest!

BMW Initiative to Help the Environment:
Most expected car this season, BMW i8 with Hybrid engine is ready to launch! BMW, the leading automobile brand in the market is going green with its new launch of hybrid vehicle BMW i8 which is scheduled to hit the roads of India in February. It is one of the most expected cars in India with a new and environmental friendly engine.

Hydrogen Fuel Kits for Cars and Trucks - What You Need to Know:
Myth #1 - People who sell these Hydrogen car conversion fuel kits mention that these Hydrogen car conversion fuel kits burn water. Hydrogen car conversion fuel kits do not burn water, that's not true. They use power from the car battery to separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen elements and utilize the extra energy released to mix with the fuel and the vehicle uses the released gas more of the time than the fuel itself.

A Brief History of Electric Cars:
Electric cars have been around for nearly as long as standard gas powered automobiles. As gas prices climb higher, and fuel efficiency becomes more of a concern for both consumers and manufacturers, these vehicles are becoming more popular.

Oil Rig Floorhand Job Description:
The floorhand works on the platform floor, usually with one other floorhand. If you look at the diagram of a floating oil rig, you will see that there are many platforms-some below the water and some above. The main platform where much of the work is done is where the floorhand spends much of his time. It is an outdoor job.

Best Car Hybrids To Buy This Year:
While gas prices keep going up in the last few years, it's quite obvious why more and more car buyers are interested in purchasing hybrid vehicles. 2013 is a great year for buying such a car as the offer is quite rich and should fit most budgets. For less than $40,000 you can go with the recently redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid which comes with a more upscale, sportier and larger appearance. The interior cabin is full of high-tech equipment while under the hood is a brand new engine. Even though it's smaller in comparison to 2012, combining it with the firm's electric drive system provides more power and also helps the car return 47 mpg in the city and on the highway, representing a 20% increase compared to its predecessor.

Top Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving:
Today, people need more fuel efficient vehicles. The automobile industry is booming, petrol prices are steadily hiking, and global warming is taking a turn for the worst- as a consumer with multiple choices and responsibilities to keep in mind while driving, here are our top tips for fuel efficient driving. ? The way you drive can make the biggest difference to how much fuel you save or waste.

How Is Oil Formed Beneath The Sea Bed:
From the beginning of time the seas have been teeming with microscopic plants and animals. Like all living things on earth, they died (and are still dying) and fell to the bottom of the ocean, into the sandy bottom of the sea.
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