Empire of the Moghul: The Serpent's Tooth

Empire of the Moghul series by Alex Rutherford tells the epic story of the rise and fall of one of the most powerful and opulent dynasties in history. Here is an excerpt from Alex Rutherford's latest The Serpent's Tooth, the story of Emperor Shah Jahan.

The People's Will by Eric Berbig:
The People are restless; some are bent on murder and destruction-and the tension is building. Primarily set in pre-Revolution days in St. Petersburg, Russia, this compelling historical mystery novel is based on actual events.

5 Types of Books to Include in Your Reading List:
Coordinates for choosing books, for picking the essential from an overwhelming diversity. A subjective recommendation of types of books to read.

My Top Ten Books of The Year:
In December I typically reflect upon the books I read during the year, determine my favorites, and map out a plan for the types of books I hope to read in the ensuing year. One of my goals last year was to diversify, I tried to include classics, historical fiction and non-fiction, poetry, science fiction, German language books and business books. What follows is a list and brief synopsis of my top ten books of the year.

Are We The Next To Become Extinct?:
Five species have become extinct since modern man has existed. At the rate we are using up resources and decimating our climate, there are signs if we don't change, we will be the sixth extinction according to author Elizabeth Kolbert.

Moll Flanders: Employment and Blank Slates:
The novel Moll Flanders, by Daniel Defoe is a novel that spoke of the hardships that a woman living in England at the time often had when it came to employment and the role that patriarchy played on a woman's life. Defoe seemed to have seen that there was a change coming about in society that allowed for women to take charge of their life and set their own destiny. Moll seemed to have difficulty finding solace and fulfillment in life and instead seemed to float around life from one turmoil filled relationship to the next instead of focusing on...

What Japanese Textbooks to Use As Beginners:
There are more variety of language textbooks to choose from nowadays. It's great that learners have more choices but at the same time they could be as confused as which one to use if they have no one to consult with. For Japanese, there are 2 series of Japanese textbooks that I think would be helpful for Japanese beginners: Shin Nihongo No Kiso I & II and Minna No Nihongo I & II.

Mind Control Attacks in The Verity Key:
The horror genre loves tales of malicious mind control and people unwittingly made into zombies. With technology advancing ever further, the horror potential of mind control through technology gives rise to all manner of dystopian scenarios. This article looks at the nature of mind control attacks in one example of this genre: the cyberpunk novel The Verity Key.
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