Out of the Kiln: Vessels of Hope

There are times when a writer speaks to your very soul, puts words to your thoughts and feelings in a way you may have wished you could have. This is one of those writers, one of those books.

Quiet: By Susan Cain - A Review (The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking):
Susan Cain's book elucidates some of the deepest elements of the human character that are neither Western nor Eastern, and neither masculine nor feminine. It is an eloquent and an endearing thesis not only on the essence of introversion but also on its virtues. The book has valuable lessons on how the world can exploit the strengths of those inclined to be Quiet.

Book Review: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad:
Heart of Darkness, a book review about a perilous journey by steamboat into the center of Africa. Think Humphrey Bogart in The Africa Queen, but with a boat load of cannibals, and no Katharine Hepburn.

A Book Review: The Winning Edge by John C Maxwell:
Troubled from without and within, the psalmist, has stopped for a moment in the way. He knows he cannot turn back but knows how to continue. Therefore he prays that God will help him follow through his decision to stay on the right road.

Children of a Living Universe: Discovering Our Legacy Will Change Our Future:
You know what we're told our human, planetary, and cosmic history is. Do you agree with this, or do you feel or know it's something quite different?

English - An Interesting Journey:
As with most things in life, we take our language for granted. It is what we learnt from our family and later expanded into our learning through school. If we stop and take a good look at the English language, it is surprising that any person who speaks another language can truly master it. It is said that it is one of the most difficult languages to learn, unless you are born into it of course and with over 250,000 distinct English words, there are still times when I cannot find the words to describe something or to express how I feel!

Book Review: B Is for Burglar:
This book is the second in a series of mystery novels written by Sue Grafton. Kinsley Millhone is a single young woman who has a private detective agency. Business is often quite slow for her and she has to pay her bills even though she doesn't always like the cases that she has taken on for investigation.

Book Review: How I Write - Secrets of a Bestselling Author:
Janet Evanovick has not only written several books but has made a career out of writing. She and Ina Yalof have taken the questions that have most often been asked by her readers and compiled them into this manual that offers its readers an up-close view of how she has done this. Eight chapters are used to divide the book into topics.
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