Five Tips for Christian Comedians That Guarantee a Great Comedy Show

Here are some tips that will help the Christian Comedian to perform the best possible comedy show at a special event. Following these tips is highly recommended for today's Christian humorous speaker.

Putin' Up With Putin!:
Ever wondered where all this animosity between Mr. Putin, the Russian president, and the west is coming from. You are a click away.

I'm Crazy!:
People lately have been preoccupied with gadgets and computers, chatting and crazy-healthy diets. Well, I am not giving up to this manipulation and I am keeping my attention to what makes sense, not what is popular. And people, of course, call me crazy for that!

Writing Stand Up Comedy - Point of View:
When writing stand up comedy, consider the point of view you use in your stand up act. Comedy writers who use different characters are completely into the character point of view and comedians who use observations use the narrator point of view. However, most comics tend to use a variety of all three points of view.

A Toastmasters 'In Search of Lost Time' Impromptu Speaking Contest:
Isn't it wonderful that we don't have a rule everyone must follow? Until last week, it never occurred to me to be grateful for the absence of a single rule everyone had to follow. This newfound gratitude came about because I participated in a Toastmasters contest that involved impromptu speaking.

Mr. Curly Iron:
There's nothing like being accosted in the mall by a thickly accented man wielding a curling iron (that both curls and straightens hair). In fact, there are only a few things to which I can compare this experience - sitting next to a newborn on an airplane, snorkeling alongside Jaws, and feeding your pet chicken some McNuggets (sorry, animal cannibalism is a real issue and should be taken seriously) are probably the only experiences that even come close to causing the emotions I felt at the mall this weekend.

What Is a Joke?:
It can be challenging to pinpoint what a joke is. When asked, many would say that a joke is something told to others to make them laugh.
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