Running Out of Time

I'm running out of time, in my 30's, anyway. When I look back through those years, I see the many things I've learned in only these past 10 years. Allow me to share the short list of those experiences and life lessons. Perhaps, your experiences weren't so different.

How to Rig an Election For Fun and Profit:
Patrick Paulsen in the President Richard Nixon era, about the middle 1970s said, unlike Nixon that "he is a crook". This is the basis of how to genuinely rig an election in your favor, I understand. Be honest and forthright in that way, and you will have something unique that not any other politician will have. You will have reality.

Dehydrated Water:
Putting water in a bottle was a stroke of genius. It allowed people to control the quality of the water they drink and it provided some creative and not-so-creative entrepreneurs the ability to become rich very quickly. After all, they bottled something that was relatively cheap and available to all people.

11 Words From Yesteryear That Are No Longer Used:
As the dictionary is now updated every year with new words such as buzzworthy, selfie and cake pop, do you ever wonder what happened to the terms and words that are no longer in common usage? The next generation might have a language all of their own but inventing new terms and words dates back almost to the invention of language itself.

Laughter Therapy: Mining the Moment:
Whenever I speak to people on the therapeutic nature of humour I encourage them to become laughologists and in so doing commit themselves to a process I call mining the moment. When you mine the moment you examine each human experience for the humour it contains and laugh heartily when it is discovered. Most of us experience funny things happening to us, or those around us, every day.

The Priority And Magnitude One Distress Signal:
This could be a serious article, this could be a darkly humorous article. I do not know. But what I do know is: Anyone that has ever talked about "the end" or "apocalyptic visions" will get this as well as the lay person who reads this just for the value of it.

Stand Up Comedy Writing - Points of View:
This article explores stand up comedy writing points of view. In stand up comedy writing, the jokes that you tell using the different points of view give experiences within relationships and environments that build associations. When you delve into a new environment as another person, animal, or object, take advantage of the new role to create even more material for future jokes.
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