Getting the Most From iPhone and Ford Sync

Getting the most out of your Ford Sync system sometimes means learning more about your smartphone and here are some tips on using your iPhone with the Ford Sync system. Are you having trouble accessing your iPhone music?

Top 4 Tips For Selecting The Best Dashboard Cameras:
Law enforcement used to be the only people you'd see driving with dashboard cameras installed in their car. Nowadays, it seems like half of the population has them and for good reason too. Dashboard cams protect people from faulty blame in case of an accident. In this article you will read about four characteristics that make up the best dashboard cameras.

Cutting and Splicing Cables: Properly and Easily:
Plug and play cables are a great convenience for many. However, the bulking connector create a challenge when the cable must be routed through walls, vehicle roofs, firewalls, etc. This article documents the proper technique for cutting and splicing cables in order to keep hole diameters small and installations clean, neat and professional.

Taking A Look At The Various Types Of CD Players:
CD players have been around for a long time. Over the years different types of units have been made. Types of CD players - Portable: these are small players that you use using headphones. They are only slightly larger than the CD itself and are powered with batteries. The cool thing with them is that you can easily carry them around with you.

Remote Car Alarms: A Necessity For Your Car?:
Protecting what you own, whether it is your house, your car, or even your personal effects, is becoming more and more difficult these days. A lot of unscrupulous individuals go out of their way to obtain what is not rightfully theirs. In fact, it has been noted that every 20 seconds, one car is actually broken into in the US alone. This is a very startling statistic and to avoid becoming a victim of such an occurrence, you need to increase security measures. One of the things you might want to consider when it comes to protecting your car is a remote car alarm.

Cheap Alpine Subwoofers and the Range of Products:
Alpine Electronics, Incorporated specializes in car audio and navigation systems. Alpine has been creating and designing subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers since the 1980's. Alpine is known for their durable subwoofers and the famous Type R, which is the companies cash crop. Learn the difference between the Type E all the way up to the Type X, read on.

Future Autonomous Cars and Optical Visual Recognition Systems Considered:
Over the years, our think tank has been very interested in optical recognition. Specifically optical flow recognition which can be used by moving objects so they can run autonomously, or fly autonomously. Now then, using optical sensors is rather tough, and it requires certain things from the environment. Whatever medium you are looking through has to be clear as not to give false readings. In the event of an underwater unmanned vehicle the water can't be too murky, and the lighting has to be just right, otherwise it will run into stuff and get itself lost.

Sync Workshop: Pushing the Right Buttons:
Let's face it, most car manufacturers are quickly bringing smartphone technology to our vehicle dashboards. Some of us are not sure how to use these systems. This is a workshop focusing on some common problems with the Ford Microsoft Sync system.
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