Tips For Making the Most of Your Recycling Efforts

Although recycling can be making a little money "on the side", it is about ultimately saving the planet we live on also. Keep in mind that there are benefits close at hand, and there are benefits a long time away from now that we are working with.

Learning From Genocide:
Exquisite madness. The acute pain of the mind that comes with mental illness, feelings of despair, utter desolation, and the loneliness, hysteria, anxiety of the suicidal depression, suicidal despair. Feelings of isolation, humiliation, embarrassment, being aware of slowly becoming the outsider. In the workplace as your behaviour becomes erratic, as you try and make sense of becoming not your usual self, as you become aware perhaps that people are starting to avoid you, or stare at you, or just completely ignore. This is the world of someone who suffers from a mental illness. Sometimes cast completely out of society. Horrifying terror ensues. It feels as if perhaps there are some days that you can die of heartache. At least you get you your rest with depression a lot of people think for the most part in ignorance. I think people would rather prefer not to bring it up in polite company. They try to say well-meaning things. Understand this. It is a very difficult thing to overcome. People can try and take their own life. And when they make statements to that effect, they must be taken seriously. Life is like that. Beautiful, awe-inspiring one day, then dark clouds overwhelms.

Ghetto Man:
Back in the late 1950s, there were Tenement housing in St. Paul, where now a large Hospital resides (used to be called Ramsey County Hospital, it has since changed its name), off Jackson Street. My brother had a paper route there, I often helped him, it was really the ghetto, of the city, one of them... part of the slums, it may well be said at the time, and it was one gigantic slum for such a small city of less than 300,000-residents. An abyss of degradation. It was a place which neither you nor I would care to have our children see, less live. Where no person should have to pass his or her life in. It was like a beehive, all humanity festered together.

Are the Indian Girls Safe?:
This article comprises of the atrocities faced by women in India and how we can try to change it. Due to the daily problems faced by girls, the level of rapes and assaults have reached an extreme level and must be stopped immediately.

What Is Consciousness? It's These Five Things, According to William James:
Psychologist William James set out the five defining characteristics of consciousness which basically laid the foundations for our thinking about consciousness today. In this article I explore each one to see if we can flesh out an idea of what consciousness actually is, and why altered states of consciousness are valid and important.

History and Art in Utah Fairview Museum:
I recently went on a sentimental journey with my father to Sanpete County in Utah. He wanted to drive to where he was born, raised, married and worked. My husband came along, and we taped my father as he recalled places, dates and people who had influenced him through his life. Mother passed away a few years ago, and my father often thinks about her and the relationship they had.
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