Great Expectations and the Bildungsroman Genre

A look at how Charles Dickens engages with the Bildungsroman genre. The analysis examines the moral and psychological development of this classic novel's protagonist.

The Primordial Struggle Of Good Against The Evil: Part II:
Take a glimpse of Beowulf, the protagonist in 'Beowulf', the most important surviving Anglo-Saxon classic. Meet a hero who thinks it is winning with grace that matters and not just winning.

Good or Evil? - A Literary Analysis of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible":
Analyzing the main female characters of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," questions arise as to the deeper motives of these two woman's characters. Was there really a "good girl" and a "bad girl?" Or were they products of their environment and upbringing?

Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri:
The Divine Comedy is not a comedy, it is a story about untold suffering and personal crisis. For the person who is not familiar with the Divine Comedy the first Canto will seem obscure and difficult to understand.

Great Expectations: A Close Reading: Part I:
What makes Great Expectations a literary classic? What makes Pip a true gentleman?

Death And The King's Horseman By Wole Sonyika:
Death and the King's Horseman has many secrets and pearls, and they will continue to be unearthed as often as the book is read. In Elesin's soliloquies Wole Sonyika exposes the challenges of power that is unchecked, and in his solipsism delivers an indictment we cannot confute. The play is certainly not about ritual suicide. The latter is merely used as a symbol for duty and responsibilities.

Da Vinci Code Revisited, Part 2: The Espouse of Jesus:
For Dan Brown, who caused the millions of those who read his novel Da Vinci Code, to raise eyebrows, or chuckle, or pull the book closer for a better view, Jesus' espouse was Mary Magdalene. I disagree to some degree, because for me, Jesus having a espouse was a potential possibility. Everyone knows that He didn't marry. He couldn't marry. However, had He been given a chance to live longer beyond his age of 33, He could have married and had children. Biblical Scriptures have much to offer as bases and references - and our pure reason and view of reality make us nod in agreement.

There's Something Rotten in the State of Denmark - And It Isn't the Eggs in Our Hamlet:
There's a major problem with trust between the characters in William Shakespeare's most famous play - Hamlet. How can you blame them? They're not the most upright, honorable bunch.
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