King Lear's Letter

If King Lear could have written a letter to the daughter he loved most, Cordelia, this is my representation of what he would have said. He asks for her forgiveness.

20 Life Changing Books:
20 Books that will change your view on life! Obviously, books are not just words, paper, and pretty covers.

All Time Best Romance Novels That You Must Read:
Are you a diehard romantic who views the world through rose-tinted glasses? Then there is no better way for you to explore the world of passion and love than with written words - romance novels.

The Primordial Struggle Of The Good Against The Evil: Part I:
Take a glimpse of Beowulf, the mighty warrior, as portrayed in 'Beowulf', the most important surviving work of Anglo-Saxon poetry. He is a hero who believes that winning is important but what is more important to win with grace.

What They Didn't Teach You About the Great Gatsby's Nick Carraway:
Studying the Great Gatsby in school. Well if you ever do an essay about its narrator you need to read this article on what they don't teach you in school. Want your essay to stand out and be credited for some original thought, then forget rewriting the spark notes page and get some new ideas here.

Rhetorical Devices: "Duty, Honor, Country" of Gen. Douglas Macarthur:
An analysis and tally of the rhetorical devices used in an excerpt from Gen. Douglas Macarthur's speech, "Duty, Honor, Country". The excerpt consists of the first 8 paragraphs of the speech.

Therese the Movie: Emile Zola's Success Debut Novel:
"Therese" the upcoming movie as I contemplate will supersede the ratings of other movies made on the original script or novel "Therese Raquin" written by two times Noble prize nominee and one of the greatest French writers of all time Emile Zola. This article is designed to cater the readers with basic information about what they are going to watch on the big screens on 21st of February this year. Some original excerpts from the book that match with the movie are included in this article.

Great Expectations: A Close Reading: Part III:
What makes Great Expectations an all-time literary classic? What makes Pip a true gentleman?
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