The Frailty of Dreams in Of Mice and Men

You're still young, so we're sure you still have plenty of dreams. That's not to say that we, your elders (hey - some of us are barely thirty!) have lost the ability to dream or no longer have any good ones.

The Gift of the Magi by O Henry: An Analysis According to Longinus Sublimity:
An analysis of the short story written by O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi using the standards of Longinus in terms of the piece's sublimity. This standard is composed of 5 terms which individually represents a stake in a story's sublimity.

Ayn Rand's Anthem, Well That's A Classic Must Read:
Over 65-years ago Ayn Rand wrote her famous novel Anthem, much shorter than Fountain Head or Atlas shrugged. Ayn Rand is of course that famous socio-economic philosopher who loved all that the US had to offer and compared it to the socialist leanings and failings of Europe back in the day, she also wrote her novels as a warning of how crony-capitalism and socialism could become the down fall of our prized free-enterprise system. Interestingly enough, much of what she'd predicted has come true, and we ought to be vigilant to ensure we keep what we have and not let it slip away.

Achilles as the Hero of Homer's ''The Iliad'':
Homer's glorious epic 'The Iliad' is simultaneously a mythical appropriation and a historical reconstruction of the Graeco-Trojan conflict. Published around the 725BC, this cultural document sings not only of the gory details of the battle and the masculinistic details of warfare but also encompasses the inevitable truth of human life- death and the suffering it produces. True to its lineage from the tradition of oral poetry celebrates its heroes and elevates their victories.

A Literary Classic Worthy Of Mention - In the Days of the Continental Congress:
Well, when it comes to classic literature, one might consider the US Constitution, why you ask? Simple, you see classic literature gives us much insight into the human endeavor, philosophy we can use in our own lives. Can you think of anything more fitting in that regard than the United States Constitution, not only can it affect our personal belief systems as all good literature does, but it has changed the lives of people world-wide. In fact, the world will never be the same again - thankfully.

Daffodils Critical Summary - Wordsworth:
"Daffodils" is all about the love of Nature both from within and without. Wordsworth has aptly conceived the theme of beauty and love in this poem.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth: A Review:
Science Fiction is one of the most popular genres of all times; it is read by the people of all ages and all fields. Time has been witness of the popular classics that emerged in the world of literature under the category of science fiction. Science Fiction brought a great appeal to the world literature and people began to look for more and more for this highly imaginative yet completely scientific writings. According to the Bedford Glossary science fiction is "a type of fiction that is grounded in scientific or pseudoscientific concepts and that, whether set on Earth or in an alternate or parallel world, employs both realistic and fantastic elements in exploring the question "What if?" The genre of Science Fiction is based on the exploration of different aspects of life; let it be social, psychological, moral or biological. It conveys new ideas, not only about the present but also makes great futuristic speculations.

A Century-Old Selection - One Hundred Best Books by John Cowper Powys:
One Hundred Best Books by John Cowper Powys offers potted critiques of works chosen as classics in 1916 by an English author. Besides ancient classics such as Eurypides, Homer and Horace, it includes writers from the modern era from Shakespeare, through Swift and Sterne to Dickens, Wilde and Shaw. It reminds us that the way we think about the world changes our psyche as much as changes in fashion alter our appearance.
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