How an Artificial Economy Collapses Organically

One of the biggest news stories, almost too perfect not to be timed, was released on a day when markets closed early: Good Friday. Conveniently not factored into major world markets was last week's horrible jobs report. From the timing of the news, to the revisions and the real story, these numbers tell about the underlying economy.

What Are Quantitative Trading Strategies?:
This is a short to the point explanation of what quantitative trading strategies are and do. Algo and quant strategies may sound complex but they are nothing more than a plan and a strategy to execute that plan.

How to Trade the ZUP Indicator:
The ZUP indicator is a very powerful predictive trading signal. It is based on Fibonacci ratios and refined to detect market trading patterns.

About Commodity Investing:
Commodity itself is a broad term. It includes anything starting from raw materials to finished products. They include metals, silver, gold, copper, grains, soybeans, and much more. Instead of purchasing materials, investors find it attractive to participate in commodity markets for purchasing stocks and investing their money in the exchange traded funds.

What Strategic Land Investors Need to Know About Water and House Building in the UK:
Stormwater and wastewater services are increasingly important for quality development in the British Isles. Climate change affects infrastructure decisions.

Lady Fortune Spinning Her Wheels:
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas A Edison - I'm writing this after spending a few days with my son and a couple of friends. My wife and I are both health professionals by day.

How A CTA May Use Volatility To Set Protective Stops:
A non-high-tech measure of *historical volatility is given by the range of market prices over the course of a trading interval, this is usually a day or a week. The range of prices is defined as the difference between the high and the low for that given trading interval.

A Silver Primer - Where Are We Now?:
My wife killed one of our cars recently. It was a good car. Old, recycled, reliable, safe.
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