How Day Trading Works According to Experts

The first thing you need to have to succeed in day trading is to have your emotions under control. If you are investing money that you have destined for important things such as your children's education, forget about it. The more you focus on the money, the more your chances of making emotional and sudden decisions in this market. Therefore, in order for day trading to work for you, you need to think with a cold head. The first thing experts have is a plan regarding how many trades they plan to do any given day, the amount they can afford losing and exit strategies in both successful and unsuccessful trades. This is the reason, why they are called experts, they are aware of the variables around their trading sessions and they have a plan of action for each scenario that could present itself in the stock market.

Investing Is Boring:
Many investors and traders have lost a lot of money on the price of oil falling so far so fast, and some have lost jobs too, very good jobs. Since oil began to fall in July of 2014, traders all over the world have been trying to call the bottom, and bet large they could buy right as oil bottomed, so as to profit on the way back up. This has been a seriously bad trade, losing traders billions in those 6 months. As an illustration, most oil ETF's have lost in excess of 80% of their value since July 2014. And still, some traders continue to tempt fate by investing in oil vehicles.

Investing in You and Your Kid's Future:
If you have children, you obviously want to see them do well. In fact, most parents care more about their own kid's well-being than their own. While true, this does not mean you need to sacrifice your entire life to make them happy. With this in mind, here are four ways you can invest in you and your kid's futures.

Stuck Inside of the CME With the COMEX Blues Again:
Precious metals prices remain range-bound over the short-term after a devastating three year run. From a technical standpoint, it doesn't look great; we are stuck in this limbo of tightly controlled price limbo while the world continues to melt apart for the 99.9%.

Finding Zero:
"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." ? Nikola Tesla The silver market is always one day from panic. The same could be said for the bond market or the dollar.

King Salman and the Seven Dwarfs:
The real motives behind president Obama's high-delegation trip to Saudi Arabia right after King Abdullah's death. The U.S. delegation reached there before Saudi Arabia's closest regional allies.

The Silver Mining Cartel:
If you look close enough, you can see the shadow of the matrix. You can smell the stench of boiling frogs.

How Many Mental Blocks To Investing Do You Have? Is a Managed Account the Answer?:
Average CTA's, investors, and people in general have an overwhelming desire to be "right". Who likes to be wrong? You read and hear it every day from friends, fellow traders, (spouses), how important it is to be right, especially when they make a market prediction or, even worse when they put real money into a trade.
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