How Can You Build A Basic Bicycle Generator

Bicycle generators are simple and Eco-friendly. The making as well as usage of these generators are very interesting and creative at the same time. Making our own generator to run your basic electrical devices is fun and safe.

Porsche Goes Green - Hybrid Technology On The Rise:
Yes, it's true; Porsche has announced that all their future models will be available with the option of a hybrid-electric drive, which is both a very bold, radical and eco-friendly move. Daniel Semmer, a company insider, spoke about their new hybrid module at Porsche's Panamera Hybrid technology workshop. This new technology shall combine an electric motor and clutches, both into one unit. The module has been designed such that it shall be compatible with and fit into all the future cars that this automobile bigwig is to produce in the years to come.

I Think Electric Cars Are Amazing, But Are They Really Practical?:
I totally love the idea of electric cars but still not sure the practicality of buying one just yet. The main reason for me to consider purchasing an electric car would be the ridiculous fuel costs involved presently in operating a combustion engine automobile. Besides the fact I cringe every time at the pump seeing how much the government is helping themselves per litre in taxes. We would also not want anyone to think I am not a good global citizen, obviously electric cars are much better for the environment.

BMW Is Electric:
BMW cars have always been more than just automobiles. They are something like a Swiss Army knife; a finely crafted tool with everything you need for whatever the road throws at you. A BMW is a purpose built machine that you wear like a Robot Man suit, one so technically advanced; you need to be a rocket scientist to understand all its intricacies. To appreciate all that potential and to fully understand why BMW makes their cars this way; all you need to do is drive one.

Why Do Consumers Not Appreciate the Electric Car Revolution?:
It will surprise many people to learn that electric vehicles have been around for over 100 years and indeed electric cars were available well before petrol driven vehicles. However, if this is the case then why has the electric car revolution been such a letdown to date?

Nissan Management Changes to Benefit Electric Car Sales:
Automobile giant Nissan Motor has this week confirmed that the company's chief operating officer will now take control of the electric vehicle division. This will be in addition to his high-profile role at the top of the company's pecking order and while a little disappointing in the short term, due to the fact it occurred because of disappointing sales, it is good news for the future.

Atlanta Turns Over A New Leaf:
A subsidized Nissan Leaf costs Atlantans around $1 a day to lease. No wonder Georgia generates a big share of electric car sales.

Q: Name of the Alligator That Swallows Your Money? A: THE GAS PUMP:
Don't over feed the alligator. Now you can use hydrogen as fuel for your automobile or truck. Hydrogen is extracted from water when you connect a hydrogen kit to the battery in your vehicle. You just install the HHO kit under the hood, fill up the kit reservoir with water and wallah hydrogen helps to utilize gasoline almost 100%, as a result you get more miles per gallon of gasoline.
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