Improve Gas Mileage With These Relatively Inexpensive Car Parts

Improving your fuel efficiency can save you money. Replace these car parts to get better gas mileage.
Technologies to Look for When Buying Racing Cars:
Sports car has become a craze these days. Many car manufacturing companies today offer customize sports car that fits one budget and requirements.

Is It Time for a Purely Electric Car to Become Mainstream?:
Electric cars are not yet mainstream but they are getting there. Two obstacles to their wide acceptance has been their high cost and lack of sufficient charging points. This has changed in the past few years. Last year record number of electric cars were sold and there are now thousands of charging points in most developed countries.

Driver-Less Cars - Are They the Future?:
The year 2014 is a landmark year for automobiles because this is the year in which the 'Google Driver-less Car' initiative has completed 750,000 miles on the road without a single major incident. After completing this rigorous test schedule Google has announced that it is confident that its driver-less car system is ready for use on highways. The news for driver-less cars in towns and cities is less promising because of the volume of traffic involved and the problems that this poses, but there are silver linings, to find out more, read on...

Are Hybrid Mandates and MPG Rules Going to Kill The Future of Flying Cars?:
Over the years, I've always wanted to design a flying car, I truly believe it is possible, and I think that future new materials will allow us to do just that. Of course, they've been talking about this for the last three decades, actually probably for the last six. Still, we don't have flying cars yet do we? Now then, there are some sticky issues with all of this, namely all the rules and regulations. After all, right now we have all sorts of driving rules to keep everyone in line, hopefully to prevent the 20 to 30,000 highway deaths per year.

About the Toyota Avalon Hybrid:
A full size sedan and a hybrid powertrain add up to a highly efficient family car. The Toyota Avalon Hybrid adds in much luxury too, perhaps offering the most complete package of any car sold in America.

Tips for Home Installations of Car-Charging Stations:
When it comes to your electric vehicle, it may make sense to consider home car-charging stations to give you more flexibility. Know your options so that you can make an informed purchase.

CNG Conversion Kits for Cars and Trucks - How Do They Work?:
Ever wonder how natural gas vehicle conversions work and how they are done? What equipment is included in CNG conversion kits, the basics on installation, and how it works? Read more about the hidden benefits that come with CNG Conversions.
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