How to Distribute Your Sheet Music

How to Distribute Your Sheet Music. Digital and Physical Distribution. Online and Offline. PDFs and Physical Books. Once your sheet music is finished you can submit it to a publishing company to be published, or sell it yourself in paper or digital format. The major sheet music companies like Hal Leonard and Alfred won't be interested in your sheet music until you've sold millions of CDs, but there are several websites that offer distribution services for books either in digital or physical form that are available to you.

Be A Guitar Teacher:
How to be a guitar teacher. An article on some of the key ingredients that go into making a successful guitar teacher. This article introduces the basics of how to build a successful guitar teaching business.

Sophisticated Simple Music:
What do you think of simple music? This article takes an in-depth look at simple music and discusses a new term, I like to call sophisticated simple music.

Who Is the Most Effective Music Teacher?:
Studying with a music teacher is a different experience from a classroom setting because most of the sessions are one on one. This individual attention makes choosing the right teacher even more crucial for the students.

The Constructive Power of Music:
Music is powerful. For centuries people have written about how it affects us all in both positive and negative ways. For a long time, people have been studying the link between music and its effect on the brain.

5 Songs to Learn on Piano:
These carefully selected songs sound great with the single instrument and are easy to learn. Also, people will actually know what song you're playing and possibly even sing along!

Why Playing the Piano Is Awesome:
Are you interested in music and considering learning how to play your first instrument? Or are you a seasoned musician that's looking to expand your musical knowledge even further? Either way, playing the piano is an excellent skill to have. If you don't already know how to play, you should learn!
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