How To Take An Electric Guitar Song And Make It Sound Amazing On Your Acoustic

Learn how to create your very own acoustic guitar versions of electric songs. There are a number of really cool and unique ways you can go about this to come up with a killer sounding arrangement. It takes more than just simply copying the electric guitar song onto your acoustic. You need to consider the characteristics of the acoustic guitar to come up with a great sounding arrangement. Read this article to find out how to go about this.

Learning to Learn to Play Jazz Music - Part One, The Mental Journey:
This first article of a series related to the topic of learning to learn to play jazz guitar. The article explores some of the lesser known mental aspects of jazz music you may not have thought about together with some of the practical actions I took when I was preparing to learn to play jazz music. Here are a number of my ideas and tips for you to think about.

How to Find Your Unique Voice on the Guitar:
There comes a point on every guitarist's journey when it's time to go your own way. You know, that nagging feeling you've had for a while combined with a general dissatisfaction you can't quite put your finger on, or perhaps you feel like something is missing.

What To Expect At Your First Vocal Lesson:
There is no better way to express yourself than doing it through song. In order to prepare your voice for this, you may require a few vocal lessons.

Top 3 Reasons Why Music Producers Should Incorporate Dubstep In Their Music:
Dubstep is quickly becoming one of the most sought after music genres. It's been incorporated into hip hop, pop, and electronic music, just to name a few. Dubstep can be incorporated into almost any kind of music and question is...

Smooth Operator - Playing Legato On Guitar:
Mastering the art of legato playing will enable you to add impressive, fast, flowing melodic lines into you guitar playing. This article covers some of the basics that you will need to understand in order to become accomplished with this technique.

What "The Zone" Feels Like for a Musician:
The Zone is a special place to be. When you're in it, no one can beat you. Let's find out all about the zone and how it can give you a passion for life and in anything you might do.
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