Wise for Real Asset Fund Managers to Invest

Is It Wise for Real Asset Fund Managers to Invest in Strategic Land Companies?
Fund managers are like individual investors: Each seeks a maximum return on their investments. The performance of the sector should drive their participation. After the financial meltdown of 2008, investors across the globe reduced the proportion of assets held in market-traded stocks and bonds.

Looking For Investment Opportunities While In Your 20s It is usually the start of the year that people think of resolutions that they would like to commit to for the rest of the year. It is not really surprising that financial resolutions are among the top priorities in people's lists.
The Differences Between Investing in Housing and Mass Infrastructure From an investor's perspective, the ROI in housing might be greater than that achieved from road and rail projects. But infrastructure is fundamental to development and deserves holistic thinking. Commercial Debt Investors Have New and Better Alternative to C.D.'s An old banker restores his enthusiasm, refining a "new deal" for commercial investors and commercial borrowers.
In a difficult market for both investments and commercial borrowing, a path has been forged to allow capital investment. The Green Land Investor: How to Invest in Sustainable Land To be a "responsible property investor" means building green. Smart capital growth land investors consider short-, medium- and long-term values of Eco-development.
Why Trade Unregulated Binary Options When Nadex Is Now in Over 40 Countries Why struggle with unregulated binary option brokers who steal your money and change your trades? NADEX is now available in nearly 50 countries and is regulated by the FTC. Why settle for 75% returns when you can get as much as 328% returns with NADEX? Sig Fig Your Way To Better Investing Personal portfolio management can take a lot of time. Investors need quick access to all investment accounts, in addition to their brokerage site. A simple solution is to use Sig Fig and see all your investments in one place.
Market Correction?
Remember the Ace Up Your Sleeve As of market close on 10/17, the S&P 500 is still only off less than 6% from its high on 9/18. Consequently, we still have a ways to go before we touch the "correction" mark. Of course, we have no idea whether the drop will reach 10%, but why not mentally prepare ourselves by exploring what has traditionally happened to stock prices once that 10% decline is crossed?
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