Living and Dying on Averages

Living and Dying on Averages:
The use of averages is essential in financial planning. However, when we rely too heavily on averages, our planning can go awry. So how do we prevent the use of averages from destroying us? By allowing enough time and repetitions for the law of averages to come into effect.

Choosing the Benefits of Binary Options Trading:
When people are thinking about trading any type of options, they want to find what is going to give them the best return. Binary options trading is not going to cost them anymore than what they originally invest. There are other types of options that could cost them more.
Do EcoVillages and Other Sustainable Developments Inform UK Housing Concepts?
Green developments are perceived as a means to circumvent local planning processes. Private investments in earth-friendly, resilient development can still work.

Rental Markets in Nairobi:
Nairobi has the highest rental yields in Kenya generating up to 10 and 12 times more when compared with other urban and rural areas. The rental market in Nairobi has been so lucrative that even indecent dwelling units, such as slums and squatter settlements, are attracting rent as much as Ksh2,500 for 10 by 10 single rooms. The recent increase in rental costs in Nairobi has made the city one of the most lucrative property markets worldwide.
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