Love - Random and Manmade Probabilities

It is the bane of any Indian man approaching the age of 30 that he has to seriously contemplate with the prospect of marriage. Isn't it really strange and rather disconcerting that marriage and love are not often spoken together in the same sentence?

The Last and Greatest Prophet!:
Belief in God is not the end in itself, but to know His will is of the paramount importance. God exists and He spoke to us about His will through His chosen ones called Prophets and Apostles. Here in this article we see how God chose Prophets and who is the last and greatest of them.

Comedy and Philosophy:
Comedy and philosophy are trying to make sense of our existence rationalizing behavior and intentions in their own special way. Both are seeking an interpretation of life.

Prayers For Welfare and Peace:
Prayer is a handy tool to seek solace and solutions when we face hardships and tense situations. Do you know the types and methods of prayers? Read here.

By The Grace Of God, Or In Harmony With Reality:
Harmonious gratitude filled existence in reality is possible, but it takes a great deal of consciousness and conscientiousness. Living in a squalid, poor, lazy, pathetic way is "easy", but not desirable for even those who "willingly" do it. My point is, the genuine grace of God comes to those who do things in certain ways that harmonize with the reality of all situations.
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