Protecting The Pearls of Wisdom

"For the Lord gives wisdom... " Like a pearl, wisdom is both hard to find and easy to lose.
The Ultimate Award:
Society can dole and give out awards and tell people how great they are. But there is a reality that is more obvious than that: Genuine deeds. The ultimate award comes from the inside as a great nature when you do genuinely good deeds.

Nihilism and Spirituality:
The empiricist definition of reality is "what can be proven." The problem with this definition is that by itself it leads to nihilism. If reality is what can be proven, then if something cannot be proven to just one person, it is not real.

Rebels and Sociopaths:
The concept of "sociopath" has been misused to brand people who do not fit under the definition. Particularly, it has been used to brand rebels against various kinds of social wrongs. That is not, nor was it ever, the meaning of the term "sociopath."

The Fault Is Not In Our Stars, But In Us, Dear Brutus:
To make a winner, we must first be one. So when I say "the fault is not in our stars, but in us, dear Brutus" in the title, I mean get creative to get out of the funk of losing if you are in it.
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