Honesty And Truth Are Not A Joke

An honest man or woman can seem like a cosmic joke to some, especially when they have been seriously cheated and swindled. But, in all reality, honesty and truth are not a joke in any way, nor should they be considered such even when cheating and swindling happens.

The Better The Life, The More Problems You Have To Solve (A Human Riddle):
The worst lives have the least problems and the most "advantages". With this, I begin this "riddle of the sphinx" of an article.

The Philosophy of History in the Eyes of a Student:
This is a student's endeavor to make a philosophical essay concerning the nature and pattern of history and its relation to the past, time and life. The driving force of historical events and causality are also discussed, as well as its effects on the present.

The Importance of Recycling on Life, Society and the Environment:
I recycle. I do not recycle just for the little change in money I make sometimes. But I recycle to do a little good that I can for the planet. In fact, I consider conservation a genuine philosophical stance I take with my life. As life and genuine existence are not really disposable, so our lives are not either.

What Makes the Bible Unique and God's Word?:
The Bible is both revered and sneered at for thousands of years from now! It survived the harshest criticisms aimed at dismissing it and wickedest efforts in annihilating it. But what to make it and what makes it different from the other books, both ancient and modern? Here in this short article it has been presented the reasons and rationality for the uniqueness of the Bible and its possible origin.
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