What Is This Thing Called NOW?

This article takes the form of a lively dialogue between two tutors on break. The two men debate the meaning of past, present, and future and how they come together in a existential plan for one's spiritual life focus.

Did God Create Man or Did Man Create God? Question and Answer Session No. Two of Holistic Philosophy:
Holistic Philosophy belongs to school of thought that the entire Universe is purely imagination of human mind. Even God is a creation of thought. Is it true? The readers can find answer to this question by reading the following question and and answer session.

The Worship Driven Life - The Reason Why We Were Created:
Life and existence are fueled by service. With that sentence I begin this article. Service creates power, irrational selfishness and selflessness is the ultimate weakness. You have got to serve everything including yourself, to benefit yourself.

Living In The Present: Why The Idea Is Flawed:
The article explains why true happiness is not about living in the present or in future, but is about living in both simultaneously. Living in the present, or keeping the future in mind at all times simply wouldn't do. One needs to take a more realistic view of the life we live.

Goodwill Spreads Peace and Happiness:
Goodwill refers to an attitude which has Friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings. We tend to help only those known to us as Relatives, Friends, Colleague and Neighbors. What about those around us... unknown and strangers, Trees and Plants, Animals, Birds and Insects.
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