Can You Really Make Good Money As a Music Producer Today in 2014?

Let's be honest today in 2014 there are thousands of music producers online all working towards the same common goal. To make money and possibly even a living off being creative and selling their beats. You may be a very DOPE producer but here's the reality of it.

Alvin Ranglin and His Record Label GG Records:
A short background about Jamaican reggae singer and record producer Alvin 'GG' Ranglin. Ranglin was the founder of the famous reggae record label GG Records.

Why It Can Be a Good Idea to Re-Release an Album, a Single or a Product:
Many artists worry about re-releasing an album, a single, or other products that had been put out to the public before. But, only a few sales came and not that many people saw it, why not leverage it again with better marketing, promotion and branding for a second chance?

How To Pay The Bills With Your Music:
Have you always wanted to pay your bills from music? You can definitely do it. Here are tips on how to do it: Have Multiple Streams - Many musicians get into music looking for "a job." Most of the musicians join the music industry planning to make money through only one source such as performing or recording music. While there is nothing wrong with making money through this way, you can't make it big. For you to pay your bills you need to have multiple streams of income.

Why Are Hands The Gateway For Feeling Music In The Future?:
Compressed audio and MP3 players have made music increasingly mobile, but where does that leave the physical sensation of low end? It's a question that's guided audio engineers towards the uncharted waters of tactile audio technology. One of the latest developments is the Basslet, a wearable device that sends vibrations into your wrist, inducing bodily hal- lucinations of bass and musical depth.

5 Tips That Effectively and Independently Manage Your Publicity:
As an Independent artist of the DJ persuasion, I can attest to the importance of media visibility. It is how I get jobs and solidify to talent brokers and booking agents, that I'm recognized as a taste-maker and a topic expert and as such they should pay what I'm worth. For me, it's super important that I get good publicity, and have a good reputation because that is how I get booked.

Play and Record Like the Mixing Stage Doesn't Exist and Get a Great Sound From All Your Instruments:
Today I'm going to teach you why you should play your instruments and record them as if the mystical mixing stage doesn't exist. With an example I'm going to show you how and why.
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