Processing The Drum Overheads Tips

In this article I will be giving you some tips on processing the overhead mics on a live drum kit. Some people say that the overheads make up 80% of your final drum sound. The overheads are what give your drums life and air. In this article I will be showing you my traditional way of mixing the overheads and the 'Beatles' way of processing the drum overheads.

5 Good Reasons Why a Singer or a Band Needs an Artist Manager:
Among most musicians and artists, a portrait of an artist or a music manager would probably have him looking much similar to Tom Cruise' role in the movie Jerry McGuire. He may not necessarily have Tom's good looks but he'd have the same energetic, on-the-go and very much driven qualities that help his client (football player character of Cuba Gooding Jr.) have a happy ending in his rough world of professional football. That would be a fair picture.

Christian Music: A Better Market:
When it comes to Christian and Gospel music, they have some of the most faithful fans. Check out this article to find out five reasons why their market is one of the best markets for a music artist to be in.

Asserting the Power of the Music Industry: An Ultimate Source of Debauchery and Decadence:
Elders of today seem so sad when youths play music from different gadgets ranging from handsets to iPods. Why? Music, for ages, has been a source of expression.

V-Picks Euro and Euro II Review:
This is a product review of the V-Picks Euro and Euro II guitar picks. These picks are made of cast acrylic.

CDs, MP3s and the Vinyl Resurgence:
In this article we're going to take a look at the pros and cons of CDs and digital downloads. We will also examine why there has been such a big resurgence in recent years of the age old vinyl format.
Album Leaks Inevitable In The Internet Era:
What are album leaks? Can album leaks sometimes be a good thing?
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