Multicultural Counseling Considered and Diverse Demographics Discussed

The United States has always been considered the great melting pot, as folks from all over the world have left their countries to come here and build up this great nation. There are so many mixed cultures in America, it's almost impossible to count them all or all the variations. With each family heritage comes culture, diversity and differences. Thus, when counseling these different ethnicities and cultures, it requires a bit more understanding.

Lead Your Tribe - Key Points From the Book - Tribes, We Need You to Lead Us, by Seth Godin:
Seth Godin explores the concept of tribes, how they are growing and becoming a major player in the market, and the need for leaders who can help the tribe strengthen. Find out how, as a sponsor, you are the leader of a tribe - your business team.

Three Cups of Tea:
When Greg Mortenson traversed Pakistan's rugged terrain in 1993, it was to climb and conquer the indomitable K2. He left the country without conquering the peak, yet he left with something more important - a promise. A remote village called Korphe had taken in the weary mountaineer and helped him recover after an arduous expedition.

Wearing Chinese Glasses - How Not to Go Broke in Chinese Asia:
Understanding the rules of Chinese communication comes from understanding Chinese culture and its origins. What makes Westerners uniquely different from our Chinese counterparts culturally is not our family values, our history, or even our Judeo-Christian religions, it is our philosophy that keeps us apart.

Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai:
Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai is a surprising book. Set in India and the USA, the lives middle class families are unpicked, especially in relation to the status of women. Opposites are thus shown to be similar, and an apparently gentle domestic tale becomes tragic.

A Book of Dichotomise: Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko:
Delve Into The World Of Healing Through Ceremony as this story takes us to the depths of our unconscious and back up again. A thoughtful read for anyone who wants to 'peel the onion' of their existence.

African American Authors - The Civil Rights Movement:
During the American Civil Rights Movement, authors such as Richard Wright wrote about problems with racial segregation as well as Black Nationalism. As more and more Black authors produced best sellers and award winners, the African-American book became mainstream by the 1970s, affecting the Civil Rights Movement.

Why Black Literature Is Important:
The importance of Black Literature for African Ameican Children's self-esteem.
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