Recommended Books About South Africa and its People

Read before you visit South Africa. Become an informed Tourist.
The World Is Here By Ismael Reed:
Reed aims to enlighten the U.S. Population in general as he peels away at the layers of half truths, at best, that certain entities in the U.S. Continue to foster as he speculates the question "what is Western Civilization?" and follows up his answer with several historical facts. Reed states that the mirror of our current day world reflects an eclectic cornucopia of cultures that can no longer be ignored simply because it doesn't mesh with the fabricated concept of "Western Civilization".

Book Review: The Covenant with Black America:
How do we deal with many African Americans who feel disenfranchised in today's society? Do we have viable alternatives in making the American maxim of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a reality for all?

Mr Touchdown:
Mr. Touchdown offers the reader a peek into the turmoil facing many students, black and white, during 1965 as they face changes in their lives when the law demanded that the schools be desegregated. The narrative opens on a dusty Tennessee day in 1965.

Butta and the Tower of Bling - African American Mainstream Literature:
Corey Burkes in this his debut novel has produced mainstream fiction that will make the reader sit up and take notice of the characters rich with dialogues who speak and act like people we know. The novel is a brilliant depiction of a cross-section of American Culture with which we can all identify.

Book Addresses Indian American Immigration:
They are known as the turbaned tide. Novelist Diya Das explores the journey made by Indian immigrants from the subcontinent to America's shores in Evolution of an Identity. Weaving the narrative as historical fiction, the novel focuses on a young girl who uncovers the American roots of her Indian family tree.

Cutting For Stone - A Novel by Abraham Verghese - Book Review:
Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese is a word short of being phenomenal. Being a practicing physician and an exquisite writer, he manages to pull together the two to create a magnificent first novel. Marion and Shiva Stone, the two protagonists in the story couldn't be more interesting.

Hard Revolution By George Pelecanos:
Attempt at peaceful existence of blacks and whites. Dr. King's peaceful dreams.
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