Nature and Scope of Economics

Many writers of the early days defined economics as "a science of wealth". Adam Smith commonly know as the father of modern economics, defined economics as "An enquiry into the nature and causes of wealth of nations."

Fault Lines - How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten The World Economy:
Theses culprits are none other than greedy bankers, sleepy regulators and irresponsible borrowers whose individual choices that collectively brought about the economic meltdown. Raghuram Rajan was one of the few economists who warned the world of the global financial crisis before it even hit. In the book Rajan warns us of the serious flaws in the economy that need to be fixed to prevent potentially more devastating crisis that awaits us.

Economic Development in Singapore:
This abstract contains the economic development in Singapore. This will begin from past, present and future of how this nation developed in Southeast Asia and how they become progressive in terms of foreign reserves. This will observed in highly developed market-based economy.

South Africa: Shortcomings of the Ruling Elites:
Elite Transition is a study of the new South African government economic policy choices since the dawn of democracy in 1994. It was among the first academic books to offer a detailed analysis of the post apartheid economic policy choices. It shows how the ruling party, the African National Congress's (ANC) key leaders took a turn to the right to embrace neo-liberalism.

The Green Economy:
"We can't drill and burn our way out of our economic and ecological ills, but we can invent and invest our way out", says Van Jones, the author of The Green Collar Economy and founder of Green for All. This guy doesn't need my help nor do I get any consideration for recommending this book. But this is a thoughtful straight forward view of how we can help the economy, create jobs, and retool America to get out of this economic slump while repairing the environment.

Jonathan Swift and A Modest Proposal:
"These mothers are forced to employ all their time begging sustenance for their helpless children," writes the great English 18th century satirists Jonathan Swift in his short pamphlet "A modest proposal." In this pamphlet Swift is identifying the major problem in the country of Ireland, which was starvation. "A Modest Proposal" is a satire in which Swift suggests a solution to the starvation throughout Ireland during the 18th century.

The Big Pop - Understanding and Avoiding Bubbles In 2008's Wake:
Understanding the chemistry that fuels stock market bubbles is a difficult and complex study that even risk aversion professionals have a hard time grasping. So I wondered, is there any chance that we as first-time or even some of the seasoned retail investors can anticipate or predict, with even the most modest certainty, when and how these investment and asset bubbles will pop in the future?

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" Book Review:
What do you think about money? Is money your friend? Or is money and evil lurking around every corner (coming from the belief that money is the root of all evils)? This article is about belief systems that hold us back, keeps us poor and controlled by debt.
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