Where Money Is Hiding

If there is one problem plaguing a lot of people in Nigeria and beyond today, it is lack of money. This is occasioned by lack of knowledge of where and how to actually get it. Therefore, publication of this text entitled "Where Money is Hiding", written by Reverend Elekima Ekine, Resident Pastor of Christ Chapel International Churches, Ashi, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria is timely.

"The Great Bust Ahead" - A Book Review:
Can the next depression be predicted? This book not only predicts it, but makes the audacious pronouncement that you will spend 25 percent of you adult life in it.

Economic Development in Israel:
This abstract deals with the economic status that results to economic development in Israel. Here they will discover the system between the kibbutz and moshav. To those who are interested reading the Bible, this is their chance to know what is the economic history of Israel and how they develop their own nation. This article is a heavy article for the readers and viewers and it needs analysis for Economics students. This is also good for the book writers who like to write about the Great Nation Israel.

Brilliant Dissection of Karl Marx's Anti-Capitalistic Arguement:
Author Lawrence Eubank deftly dissects and lambastes Karl Marx's central argument against Capitalism. Eubank thoroughly explores Karl Marx's argument against Capitalism and points out the flwaw in Marx's logic and reasoning.

Who Says No One Could Have Seen the US Housing Crash Coming - A Book Review:
Many politicians and even the media claim that no one saw the housing bubble burst coming. Well, that is so silly, it's almost ludicrous as anyone that studies real estate cycles, or economics would agree. Still, if you happen to be amongst the masses who actually believe such purported media claims, I'd sure like to recommend a very good book to you. The book is called:

Investing Book Review - The Warren Buffett Way (Second Edition):
Explore a description of Warren Buffett's investing practices that is second to none. Know every major stock Buffett ever bought and why he bought it. Gain insight into the relationship between the behavior of economics, the performance of firms, and the ups and downs of the stock market, all reduced to easily understandable tenets.

How to Judge Your Purchases Today:
? Reading is my one true passion. When I was young, I dreamed of better places. Places where all things were possible where all dreams came true.

Is Ron Mueller the Next Matthew Lesko?:
So are all those tax breaks, so frequently touted by & to would-be entrepreneurs, for real or what? Ron Mueller is doing for the home-based entrepreneur with his tax info, what Matthew Lesko did for the general public with his grant information.
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