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Sometimes when we are preparing for our next impending examination, we could do with a little extra help to ease the pressure. You have your class resources and you have your text books nevertheless a helping hand is always appreciated. Fortunately there is a helping hand and it comes in the form of Test Banks and Solution Manuals.

Considering Economics and Financial Measures in Turbulent Times:
How on Earth could this happen, how come the economy is taking an economic downturn, why did the housing bubble burst and who are we to blame (this time)? Well, indeed those are all excellent questions and you will get a mixed basket of answers from various economists, still, without a better understanding of these issues, it probably will not make much sense to you.

Economics - Modern Edition:
We are entering to the 21st century with different companies all over the world which is designed during the 19th century. This is an entirely different approach to business and work when it deals with economics.

Stop Taxing Me to Pay For Other People's Expenses:
The Tax Revolt this time was peaceful, will that continue as inflation rises, taxes rise and standard of living fails? There are after all more nightmares to come in our overall economic health in America. For instance; Medicare is a nightmare and major financial crisis for this nation. Social Security is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme Time Bomb. How big are these monsters amongst us? Try 110 Trillion Dollars? How much is that?

2011 Economic Outlook:
I am the only child in the family. Born in Manila then transferred to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. I am a protestant in an Evangelical way. I am media practitioner from my designated city even regional news in the Philippines. I also write several articles across the globe. I also write economic articles in the internet and even spirituality that relates religion. I am not a pastor in the first place because I did not pursue my theology course.I did not pursue bar reviewer but I am a legal researcher. This article is address to the people across the globe.

The Story Of America's First Trans-Continental Railroad:
With the benefit of 150 years of hindsight, it is entirely possible to acknowledge now that the completion of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1869 was of greater importance to the people of the United States than the inauguration of steamship service across the Atlantic or the laying of the Atlantic Ocean telegraph. In an era of interstate highways and quick air travel it is difficult to imagine just how isolated those parts of the United States farthest from the oceans were, even as late as the mid-19th century. That most optimistic of our early presidents, Thomas Jefferson, referred to the "immense and trackless deserts" in the Louisiana Purchase. The explorer Zebulon Pike compared these lands to "the sandy wastes of Africa." Daniel Webster declared Wyoming Territory "not worth a cent," being, moreover, "a region of savages, wild beasts, shifting sands, whirlwinds of dust, cactus, and prairie dogs." Maps of North America as late as 1900, three decades after the railroad connecting New York with San Francisco had been launched, showed 500,000 square miles labeled "Great American Desert," a name invented 75 years earlier by a government surveyor. This wilderness covered nearly one-sixth of the young American republic.

A Review on Krugman's Argument - Japan - Still Trapped:
Japanese economy has caught in a stagnation and deflation in almost a decade. Svensson (2003) summarizes that two factors which trigger Japan caught in a trap are policy mistakes and a failure to coordinate policies to recover Japanese economy.

Reading Corner - Dreaming Green Book Review:
"Going Green" is one of the latest trends. These days nobody wants to get caught carrying a plastic bag or throwing a water bottle in the trash.
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