Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine

A Key Idea: Innovate, Protect, Pitch, License, then Repeat Book Review by Carla M. Paton One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work...

7 Business Books Worth Reading:
As a photographer, I am often looking to continue my education, and one of the ways I choose to do that is through reading. There are a slew of great business and photography books out there so today I thought I'd share several books that have been incredibly beneficial to me and my business.

New BBS Summary Teaches Leaders How to Be the Best at What Matters Most:
In Be the Best at What Matters Most, business veteran Joe Calloway hammers home the idea that companies can be more effective and profitable by focusing on the few things that matter most to them and their customers. Choosing three or four values as a foundation for performance keeps things simple and allows the entire team to be on the same page. Companies should focus on improving the basic services they provide instead of spreading resources too thin. The way for businesses to be most effective is to have absolute clarity on their purposes and priorities and execute flawlessly every time. Creating and sustaining success also involves constant improvement and innovation as well as a positive company culture. Instead of trying to do "everything," a business should focus on doing a few basic things really well in order to see sustained success.

From One to Many:
In recent years, coaching has expanded from one-on-one relationships to team and group environments. In From One to Many, Jennifer Britton explains how to leverage the principles and benefits of one-on-one coaching into group and team situations. Britton cautions that though teams and groups share many similarities, when it comes to coaching there are some important differences. By paying attention to both the similarities and differences and following Britton's many practical recommendations, coaches and leaders can expand their coaching capabilities to meet the demands of today's world, yielding benefits for teams, groups, individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

Making Sustainability Work:
The scope of corporate responsibility is changing, and sustainability efforts are no longer limited to companies like Ben & Jerry's. Today, large organizations must consider the social, environmental, and economic impacts of their actions. Operating in accord with sustainability principles is now seen as a way to add to shareholder value. Organizations are grappling with how to make sure day-to-day activities meet sustainability goals that will eventually improve their financial performance. In Making Sustainability Work, Marc J. Epstein and Adriana Rejc Buhovac provide a framework for an organization to develop and implement a sustainability program, and they provide guidance on measuring the impacts of the program so that the organization can continually improve its sustainability efforts while improving its bottom line.

How Do the Rich Teach Their Kids?:
I was born and grew up in the countryside of hardship and poverty. We, just like anyone else here, are labor workers who have no food to feed ourselves if we stop working. My parents only teach me the very basic code of conduct without helping me make plans for my future. Meanwhile, my friends who have wealthy parents live their life with all the conveniences. I was wondering what their parents teach them as I want to have wealth and success just like them.

Business Book Summary of Leadership 2030:
In Leadership 2030, Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell provide a road map of the broad trends that are reshaping markets, cultures, and companies. Based on research with the Hay Group, a global management consultancy, they offer insights into six megatrends: the shift of economic power to Asia, the escalating war for talent, environmental crisis, eroding customer and employee loyalty, the melding of private and working lives, and technological convergence. The authors show how these self-reinforcing trends demand enlightened leadership with the skills to engage an ever-widening circle of stakeholders. Gone are the days of the egocentric, alpha-male leadership. To survive the megatrend storm leaders will have to provide workers with greater autonomy while finding ways to respond to the unique needs of every customer.

New Book Tells Hilarious Tales of One Man's Successful Advertising Career:
"Huckster" is the hilarious memoir of Ron Elgin, one of the Pacific Northwest's most famous ad men. His stories will not only entertain but teach readers countless useful tools needed for owning or working in business. Think "Mad Men" with a little wisdom tossed in. This book is a must-read for anyone who likes a good laugh, regardless of whether you're interested in business and advertising or not.
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