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In the third edition of Leading Out Loud, Terry Pearce shows business leaders how to communicate their visions and inspire commitment in those they lead to bring their visions to fruition. The book details methods for improving communication skills and finding the most authentic voices that help leaders articulate confidently and clearly. Key to the process is producing a Personal Leadership Communication Guide (PLCG) that identifies leaders' values, the changes that are needed, and the methods for effectively communicating with others and inspiring them to join in the process.

How Did That Happen by Roger Connors and Tom Smith:
The subtitle of this book, Holding People Accountable for Results the Positive, Principled Way, is a good description of the book's purpose. The book starts with questions about How Did That Happen - first focusing on the financial crisis which began in 2007. Financial markets melted down, billions of dollars were lost, banks faced bankruptcy and many other businesses were in trouble. Using this as a starting place the authors ask the frequently heard question, how did that happen, and then discuss how to avoid the need for that question by using proper accountability systems.

Learn the New Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace:
Many employees are frustrated by the ever-increasing demands of the workplace, and they struggle to keep up. They see themselves as passive bystanders with no real power. In The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace, career consultant Cy Wakeman acknowledges that employers expect more of their employees than ever before, but she outright rejects the notion that employees are helpless. She urges individuals to focus on their own behaviors and argues that embracing the concept of Personal Accountability can help employees add value to their organizations and enhance their overall quality of life. She provides a formula that workers can use to calculate their current values and increase their future values, and she offers practical advice on how to adopt a proactive attitude based in reality.

Learn How to Engage Government Employees:
In Engaging Government Employees, Robert J. Lavigna argues that getting public sector employees to engage fully with their work can transform organizations and enact important change. Believing that organizations where employees are engaged are more successful than organizations where employee engagement is low, Lavigna presents a compelling argument for actively tracking and improving engagement in an organization. The core of Lavigna's book centers around his five-step plan to measure and improve employee engagement, though he admits there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to boosting engagement.

Reinvent Your Business!:
In Reinvent, Fred Hassan presents a playbook for becoming the type of leader who leverages attitude, behavior, and culture (the ABC advantage) to create winning organizations and achieve. According to Hassan, the ABC advantage works in a domino effect: one element drives the next to produce "extraordinary and sustained performance." Layered on top of the required business acumen and motivation to succeed that are inherent in top leaders, utilizing the ABC advantage leads to repeated, or serial, wins. The CEO has the pivotal role of driving corporate success and infusing the ABC advantage throughout the organization. Hassan presents his book in two parts: the first focused on the individual and the second focused on the organization...

Book Review: The Book Of Business Etiquette by Nella Braddy Henney:
I love reading new books (especially when they are free on my Kindle), and when I can learn something new. I chose to download and read The Book of Business Etiquette by Nella Braddy Henney because I am always looking for the 'right' way to do things in the business world. I was pleasantly surprised by how the book was written as it is from 1922 and speaks to etiquette, courtesy, and professionalism from the early 1900's, but it is very relevant in today's business world.

Secrets to Become a Sales Superstar Are Shared By One Who Did:
If you want to be a Sales Superstar Dan Milstein's best advice is to love the product, love your customer, and always do what it takes to close the sale. And author Milstein knows what he's talking about as he has achieved Sales Superstar status and maintained that status from year to year.

"Ice Breakers" by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter:
No matter what kind of business you are in, you are likely to have 'prospects' in some way shape or form, either as potential business partners, employees, co-workers, products, or services. Even if you are a parent, your children, in a sense are 'prospects' because you want to illicit positive responses from them when you want them to do something. Tom "Big Al" Schreiter's book "Ice Breakers" will help you get some great new ideas about ways to communicate with your prospects and get the results that you want to get.
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