The Idea-Driven Organization

Employees who make products, provide services, and work with customers have the best knowledge of how to improve their organizations. They have ideas that will make or save money, increase efficiency, lessen the environmental impact, improve customer service and relations, and lead to product innovation. Managers are generally not exposed to the experiences that spark those ideas. To capitalize on the best ideas, organizations need to restructure and realign to encourage idea submission and facilitate implementation of suggested solutions. The Idea-Driven Organization explains why and how to do that. Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder cite many examples of successful idea-driven organizations and how their operations work. Innovation is a key to survival for organizations forced to do more with less. Idea-driven structures produce innovations and are much better suited than conventional structures to make innovations happen rapidly.

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Business:
In the U.S. we are known for having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and I think it has been growing even stronger in the past 10-15 years. Individuals in their 20's are inspired by all the garage start-ups that have made it big -Microsoft, Apple, Disney- and boomers feeling drug down by the corporate life have been sprouting their wings and going after long suppressed dreams. I want to share what I believe are 5 compelling reasons to consider starting your own business.

Can I Smell Your Feet?:
This is a real question. Asked by a real doctor. No, he's not a pervert.
The "Vital Point" in Business - It's Not Revenue That Counts:
People have long said "business is battle", and revenues and profits have always been, to the end, the final targets of enterprises. However, the same is not true for Bill Gates - the founder of Microsoft - when he sees human nature as a core matter in business.

THE COST OF IGNORANCE - A Business Book About Performance Based Insurance:
A novella told through a series of misadventures from the perspective of the owner of a wholesale manufacturing company that is about to go broke because of escalating Workers' Compensation and health insurance costs. The author discussed an alternative called Performance Based Insurance, which is said to allow companies to take greater control over their insurance, and receive a return on unused claim dollars.

Great by Choice - The Book Is Not Exclusively for Businessmen:
Referring to Jim Collins, perhaps everyone immediately thinks of the philosophies and lessons of the two books which have gone into legend - "Good to Great" and "Built to Last". Nonetheless, the third book - "Great by Choice" will give the readers different ways of thinking. The readers would see themselves via the points and lessons for life which Jim Collins and Morten Hansen have analyzed through examples and research studies.

How Does "Think and Grow Rich" Help Me to Get Rich?:
"Can I become rich or not?" and "How to get rich quick?" had been big questions before I read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Only when I discovered the true value of "Think and Grow Rich", not "Get Rich Quick", did my dominating dream of being rich become a reality.

The Power of Judgment Calls:
Traditionally, organizations depended on one leader to make high-stakes decisions that ultimately affected their successes. Organizations are now making decisions through collective judgment. Companies are recognizing that the margin of error is reduced when there are several people working together to achieve a common goal, making good decisions that will ultimately lead to successful outcomes. This collective type of decision making is called "good organizational judgment"-the development of ideas through a shared decision-making process rather than a process based on individual analysis and review. This shared perspective cultivates an environment in which business acumen and problem solving can flourish. In Judgment Calls, Thomas Davenport and Brook Manville tell the stories of 12 companies that use organizational judgment in their decision-making processes and ultimately produce fruitful results.
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