Paper Money Yielding Madness

The mainstream investor (with any time and "money" left), wielding an internet connection, and hell bent for yield is about to feel the temperature drop despite a thousand reminders that the cold winter is coming. (Or perhaps not - if you are in South Florida.) Zero interest policy scorches the planner and the saver, rotting the seed corn while providing fuel for speculation, breeding the trading culture pestilence we see today.

Silver - The Good News or Bad News Metal?:
Excepting short term price performance, physical silver is often referred to as either the 'good news metal' or the 'bad news metal'. It's the 'bad news' metal because, like gold, in times of a currency crisis it behaves more like a hedge against currency debasement or as a monetary asset. In times of real economic growth, demand for physical silver expands alongside the modern industrial complex, or among 'good news'.

The Art and Science of Business Investing:
Investing in a company with your hard earned money is a tough choice for some. However, for others, it is all about arming yourself with sound knowledge of the business.

The Precious Metals Guarantee:
A friend recently sent me a picture of a 1957 $1 silver certificate he found in his change while buying a cup of coffee. He'd been a coin collector as a kid and learned that his father carried nearly the same note in his wallet. When I brought up Gresham's law and the recent news that U...

Sound Money on the Drifting Sands of Belief:
My kids just exited the stage where they still believe pretty much whatever I say. We had a decent track record for a while. It seems like just a moment ago when my son actually believed that I could fly.
One Giant Cluster Ponzi:
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." -H. L. Recently, The U.S. Treasury ramped up war games via financial sanctions aimed at Russia. The EU is part and parcel to the operation. These interventions are a continuation of the age old warfare referred to as the "currency wars". Jim Rickards' recent book on the topic chronicles the use of this tactic.

Silver Exothermia:
All one needs to do is simply look at the other side of the trade to predict more accurately what was actually coming. Watch what the elephants do.

HuangLongBing - Wait, Uh, What?:
Huanglongbing, a bacterial disease that is now present in 100% of Florida's citrus growing counties, affecting a $13 Billion industry in the US alone. It's a serious problem which will cause the cost of your daily orange juice is about to skyrocket... This article shares strategy on how you can make money as the rise of orange juice rises.
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