The Role of a Financial Advisor

World GDP in US dollars is officially down by 5%, and falling. At the lowest point of the crash in 2008-2009, it was down 10%. Every commodity price has fallen by about half. Central banks around the world are resorting to negative interest rates because the lowest rates in recorded history just isn't enough. Nobody noticed the last time events like these occurred, in 1929, because after all, the stock market was making all time highs. The economy must be doing great right?

What Are the Biggest Errors a CTA Could Make Managing Money?:
Success in trading is measured in terms of the growth of the account balance. A CTA is not expected to play God and call every twist and turn in the market correctly at all times. As a matter of fact, some professional and proven CTA's systems are only correct 25-30% of the time and they still manage to pull huge profits out of the markets consistently.

Commodity Market - An Ideal Platform for Capital Investment:
A commodity market is a market where trades take place in primary rather than manufactured products. These products include soft commodities & hard commodities. Soft commodities include agriculture products like wheat, coffee, sugar along with various others. Hard commodities include gold, silver, oil etc.

Printing False Hope in a False Reality:
Western, especially U.S., equities have become the leading sentiment indicator for the masses.
Gold and Silver Price Discovery - When the Wrong Men Use the Right Means:
I'm not a real farmer. But I suffer the lessons and I do my best when I talk with friends, neighbors, and families about the unintended benefits of 'growing your own'..

The Great Un-Participation:
"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." ?George S. Patton, Jr.

Trading the Decline in Commodity Prices and Volatility:
The commodity markets were designed for commodity producers and commodity end line consumers to limit the volatility and risk in their business models. Producers are only willing to keep producing when they can sell their production at a profit and end line commodity processors are only willing to buy them if they can realize a profit upon selling the goods they've finished. The creation of commodity trading floors provided a singular location for these transactions to be recorded along standardized times and qualities. Unfortunately, commodity producers only want to sell at high prices and commodity consumers only want to buy at low prices. This created the market makers, floor traders and speculator categories that have come into the markets to provide liquidity by providing bids and offers in between the producers and end users. This week, we focus on the creation of the commodity indexes and Exchange Traded Funds created by the banking sector and what effect the current period of low volatility and declining prices is having on the very banks that created them.

No FED Bets From the BIS:
It is becoming harder and harder to ignore the fact that central banking policy isn't exactly working out for the real economy. More wealth has been funneled toward an increasingly small and concentrated pool of unproductive paper wealth. But low and behold, it looks like the political-monetary landscape is being groomed in preparation for the next leg of this ongoing train wreck.
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