Political Ponerology - Book Review of the Pseudo Science of Pathological Leaders

Often victims become bullies, as research shows, and perhaps the worst offenders on society are those who've been damaged themselves, and want revenge. We know that revenge is a very strong psychological motivator indeed. Victims who have actually been abused or convince themselves they've been abused, even though their own failures have brought them down, are perhaps the most dangerous of all in our society.

Book Review - RESOLVE: A New Model Of Therapy by Richard Bolstad:
It is extensively referenced, citing research, other NLP developer's ideas, and non-NLP models of change. This is not a book focused on NLP "pyrotechnics" (his term), rather it is integrative and practical.

Rules of the Game Review (WoTs Normal):
A brilliant guide book written for ASD diagnosed children's' parents. Written by a parent to ASD diagnosed child, this book gives an interesting insights and deferent points of view over autism issue. Leave guilt aside. This guide offers you a new way of thinking. You child doesn't need to be fixed. He needs to be understood, and help him understand what is around him (socially) as well.

The Ponderings of a Master Key:
The Master Key Course is a powerful source of information for learning, understanding, and applying the energy of thought in relation to shaping one's life. Many have used the knowledge shared in this book as a tool to change lives for the better. Popular teachings such as what is found in books like "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolian Hill and the far-famed movie "The Secret" are perfect examples of how interested people are in this is type of knowledge.

Understanding Freakonomics Better - Random Decisions Are Not Random:
Freakonomics by Steven Levitt takes a look at interaction between different people and the way they take their decisions. He believes people never take random decisions, they follow certain rules (which may be self imposed, not necessarily external) and most of the time they try to get something or people related to them or for themselves. The rules by which the humans take their decisions may include moral, social or economic incentives or benefits.

The Happiness Advantage:
Shawn Achor's authored a book called "The Happiness Advantage the Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work." He discusses an original idea, and one I've never even heard about called post traumatic growth. The term post traumatic growth is a relatively new term and is defined as the experience of positive change that occurs as the result of the struggle and highly challenging life crises. The benefits are endless and among them are an increased sense of personal strength, changed priorities, and a richer existential and spiritual life.

Book Review - 'The Five Love Languages' By Dr Gary Chapman:
When I first looked at the book cover I thought 'Oh wow, this looks a bit too sweet for me' but I still bought it as it came recommended by one of my clients as a good and interesting read. This is now many years ago and I have since used ideas from this book with every couple that comes to work with me.

Interesting Psychology Books For Everyone:
The uncertainty also makes psychology books gain success in the market. Numerous ways on how to direct people's behavior are discussed on those books. Through the books, readers are given explanations on how they can use psychological approaches to make people behave in a certain way. Here I have reviewed two psychology books that have successfully gained people's attention.

Are Happy People Easier to Hurt in Relationships?:
The short answer is "They can be". If you want to know what happy people can do to avoid being hurt in relationships, please read on!
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