The Miracle Of Smiling

When you share that honest smile, good things are bound to happen. Your beautiful smile can touch someone's heart and breakaway all barriers of doubt and mistrust.

How to Deal With Rejection:
Feeling rejected Most people avoid rejection as much as they can. Some people feel more rejected than others. Also, the term "rejection" can mean different things to a different person.

Visualization Exercises for Those Who Are Emotionally and Mentally Stuck:
Therapists are famous for providing more questions than answers... and doing much more listening than talking. Some patients would like more. In The Tools, Phil Stutz, M.D., and Barry Michaels, MSW share some visualization exercises that they regularly use in their practices to help patients break out of stalled thinking and emotions.

Superfreakonomics - Amusing, Informative, Thought-Provoking - Overturns Conventional Wisdom:
Superfreakonomics is the sequel to Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner's wildly popular and successful Freakonomics, a bestseller of quirky facts that explain the economic advantages and disadvantages of human behaviors ranging from drug dealing to choosing a baby's name. Superfreakonomics, like its predecessor, is hard to pin down on any single topic or theme.

There Are So Many Phobias and Disorders That People Suffer From - Discover What They Are:
Have you ever met someone who was afraid of something they shouldn't be afraid of, as it was somewhat out of the norm - and I'm not talking about the fear of drowning, or being afraid of heights, because it's okay to be afraid of things that can hurt you, and a little fear keeps us from doing things that can cause us problems later. Nevertheless, far too many people are afraid of such things as darkness, or going outside. If you'd like to learn more of the phobias that people have, there is a great book the you...

Book Review - 'Why Marriages Succeed or Fail And How To Make Yours Last' By Dr John Gottman:
Dr. John Gottman says: 'If there is one lesson I have learned from my years of research it is that a lasting marriage results from a couple's ability to resolve the conflicts that are inevitable in any relationship'. The following book is not just a couples therapist's opinion but a compilation of the findings of the work of a relationship expert and scientist who researched his topic over the past 40 years.

Book Review - The Rainbow Machine by Andrew T Austin:
The Rainbow Machine is a book definitely different from most books on NLP or hypnosis. As Steve Andreas notes in his introduction to Andy Austin's book, it notes that the book indicates the spirit of neurolinguistic programming and he uses all these with "utmost skill, creativity, and outrageous playfulness.

When We're Good, We're Real Good - When We're Bad, We're HELL:
My hubby and I are bipolar or something. We can be the best of friends and lovers.

Parenting With the Enneagram:
In this article, I will review two Enneagram books by Elizabeth Wagele, the Enneagram of Parenting and the book she wrote for children, to help them better understand themselves, Finding the Birthday Cake. Both books have helped me and my son tremendously! Both books offer helpful quizzes for parents to use to evaluate their children to see which Enneagram style they use.
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