Book Review - Refuse To Choose By Barbara Sher

Have you always wondered why you get bored easily, never stick to anything for long periods of time, quickly lose interest in things or change your mind about what you want to do and end up doing nothing? Good news: according to Barbara Sher's book you might just be a 'scanner'.

Design for System Success - A Review of Donald Norman's The Design of Everyday Things:
Teamwork is one of the key design criteria for medical practice management systems. Donald Norman, a cognitive scientist and author of "The Design of Everyday Things," pays tremendous attention to the psychology of the mind, to how our mind works, and develops a pragmatic set of four basic design principles.

Sex, Sexuality, and Therapeutic Practice:
Human sexuality is a complex and controversial issue that is often ignored during therapy and clinical training. Yet, it is a salient aspect of the human experience, which requires deep understanding by both client presenting for therapy and therapist facilitating treatment. Sex, Sexuality, and Therapeutic Practice provides therapists with a critical framework for understanding our personal beliefs regarding sexuality and a guide for addressing sexuality in clinical practice.

Covert Hypnosis Revealed - Kevin Hogan:
The first few chapters are designed to introduce the reader to what hypnosis actually is. It debunks some of the myths about it and ensures the reader can really benefit from the chapters that follow. Then the book begins to give you some real "gems" that with simple application will make you a better communicator and therefore a better influencer.

Book Review of "The Pocket Parent Coach" by Tina Feigal:
Maybe your experience becoming a parent is like that shared by many others-it is a festive occasion where you contemplated the joyful experiences that were sure to come. Not too long into your development as a parent, perhaps, you wished that children came with an instruction manual. As our children grow and develop, sometimes we feel as if we are losing our minds trying to make children comply with our desire for peace and obedience in the home. Today's media enhanced culture only seems to exacerbate the problem.

As the Pendulum Swings - The Mind-Brain Connection by Lindsay A Brady:
"As the Pendulum Swings" is Lindsay A. Brady's true life story. Brady is a nationally recognized clinical hypnotherapist.

Being Genuine - A Book Review:
Being Genuine is simply stated, one of the best books I have read all year. It very clearly and effectively conveys a process for communicating with others in a genuine and non-judgmental way. Thomas D'Ansembourg is a student of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication Process but rather than simply restating Rosenberg's principles, he enhances and adds a new dimension to non-violent communication based on his experience as a psychotherapist and youth counselor.

How to Make Change - A Positive Experience:
What feeling do you get when you think about making change? If it's at work, your reaction could be "Here we go again!

Book Review: Why Mars and Venus Collide by John Gray, PhD:
Recently I've read the book, Why Mars and Venus Collide, Improving Relationships by Understanding How Men and Women Cope Differently with Stress by John Gray, Ph.D. I absolutely loved the book! I must say, this is a much needed book for couples because it educates and gives insights and specific tips and strategies on dealing with stress in men and women.
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