Review of James Hollis' Hauntings: Dispelling The Ghosts Who Run Our Lives

In his latest book, Hauntings: Dispelling The Ghosts Who Run Our Lives, Dr. James Hollis reminds us that our past is not truly past us. Our familial influences, life-altering traumas, and individual woundings follow us to the grave.

The Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind by Joseph Murray:
I am now reading the Power of the Sub-Conscious mind for the second time. I cannot get enough of this book. It resonates with everything I believe as to why we exist and how our thoughts completely create the life we choose no matter what.

Predictably Irrational - The Keys to Your Success May Be the Opposite of What You Think:
One of my favorite sitcoms of all time is Seinfeld. One of my all-time favorite episodes of that quirky show is called "The Opposite." In it, George decides that every decision he has ever made in his life has been wrong, and that his life is the exact opposite of what it should be.

Mental Illness and Homelessness Connected to Violence:
Through 40 years of anecdotal documentation in his book The Insanity Offense, Dr. Torrey makes the strong connection between severe mental illness, homelessness and violence. His contention is that it is imperative the mental health policies be reformed.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma:
In the 18th century there was one French philosopher genius, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. It was Rousseau who provided Europe with slogans for return to nature during the times of the industrial revolution when everybody was excited about machines and the power of them. Rousseau argued for a shift from reliance on the head, (that is reason) to a shift to the heart and pure nature and the simple life. Rousseau called for the human beings that are genuine in a genuine world. He advocated and kindled a novel appreciation of natural beauty, wild life, forests, landscapes, mountains and valleys.

Book Reveals Psychiatry's Lack of Rational Basis and Offers Solutions:
Niall McLaren's "Humanizing Psychiatrists" is the third book in his series promoting the Biocognitive Model for psychiatry. In this book, McLaren discusses various current psychological theories and why they are lacking in value. He then offers examples of his own practice of psychiatry to suggest how psychiatrists may better help their patients.

How the Brain Works in Making Decisions:
To understand how our brain makes decisions is to better understand ourselves and also to better understand our fellow human beings. Some of our decisions are better-made through emotions and some are better-made through focused attention and analysis.

Is The Me Generation The Cause For The Culture Of Excess?:
With our country in a financial crisis, we see the self-centered life style that has taken over most of our lives to be the cause of most our problems. As Slosar refers to the "Me" generation needing to work toward a "We" generation, he explains how this is at the root of our problems. From the economy being hit so hard to the lifestyles we live, this book addresses how this happened and what needs to be done to change this dangerous path we are on.

Invite a Devil's Advocate:
When decisions we make or when we evaluate the decisions and choices of others it can sometimes be perplexing as on the surface it seems so irrational or lacking any logic. A recent read of mine, SWAY offers insight into the human draw towards irrational decisions.
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